Thursday, December 9, 2010


Senator Joe Lieberman. Photograph: Ethan Miller

Keeping out of political matters seems to be virtually impossible for me. A British journalist wrote this priceless editorial - I found it simply hilarious.

Pass notes, No 2,895: Senator Joe Lieberman

He really doesn't like WikiLeaks . .,
Wednesday 8 December 2010
19.59 GMT

Age: 68.

Appearance: Michael Gove's grandfather.

You think? I think he looks more like that WikiLeaks guy.

Julian Assange?

That's the one. Are they related?

Not by blood.

But they look so alike. Maybe Lieberman is Assange's evil twin brother?

An evil twin brother who's nearly 30 years older?

It could be one of those science things.

Perhaps, but more likely they're just two pale-haired men with dimples. And don't let Lieberman catch you calling him the evil one. He'd argue it's the other way around.

He doesn't like WikiLeaks?

You might even say he hates it. And as chairman of the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, his opinion is kind of important. He told Fox News, "I think this is the most serious violation of the Espionage Act in our history," and has urged US businesses to "immediately terminate" their relationships with the website.

And have they?

Some have, but Lieberman's not content just to shut down the site. He has called for a justice department inquiry into the New York Times's role in publishing the leaks, claiming the paper has committed "at least an act of bad citizenship".

Bit rich from a man who wants his own brother arrested!

They're not brothers. We've covered this.

Sure. So is there any hope for fraternal reconciliation?

Gah – fine. There may be. Sarah Palin has called for Assange and allies to be "pursued" like al-Qaida and the Taliban, but Lieberman argues: "While it's true that what WikiLeaks did may result in damage to some people . . . it's not al-Qaida."

He sounds like a born contrarian.

He is. As a Democrat in 2000 he was Al Gore's vice-presidential running mate, but in 2008 he endorsed John McCain against Obama.

So he knows a thing or two about being branded a traitor?


Just like his brother.

I give up.

Do say: "Leaking diplomatic cables is a criminal act of espionage."

Don't say: "What does that make spying on UN diplomats?"