Saturday, June 16, 2012

Losing One's Home, The Realities

All of yesterday evening and today the internet kept going down and my nerves were frazzled trying to work without a reliable internet connection.  I kept starting a business web site, and the internet would go down losing all the data I input.  I would try to save it, and the internet was too slow to allow that.

If this continues it will be beyond an exercise in frustration, it will become an impossible task.  15 days without an income has severely hurt me and I have but two weeks left to come up with the payments I need to keep a temporary roof over my head.

I have paid to keep a roof over a career criminals head, yet trying to get one for myself, affording to support him and myself, seems beyond me. This is a day of frustration and I am not handling it very well.

Yesterday the motion for amendment suit was filled in the 12th district courts.  That really doesn't help victims like myself who have suffered for over 4 years with homelessness and displacement.. and all of the hardships of both.

The Little Bear wildfire decimated the region where I was homeless for four years because of Robert Huckins and those who aided and abetted his criminal activity. Today I sit horrified knowing that hundreds have been left homeless by a wildfire, knowing the absolute heartbreak and horror those families now face.

Losing ones home is a horror no-one can imagine unless it's experienced.  I know, I speak from over four hard years that took a decade off my life and made me look ( and feel ) like I had been picked up by the heels and dipped in age.

My prayers are with those who face what I had to face 4+ years ago:

I slept for over 4 years in a garden shed walking distance from the above location.


One would think that losing one's home is easy to rectify. But that isn't the reality of it. After 4+ years I was in the same position as I was the day Robert Huckins embezzled our building fund, and sadly, some here are going to find the same difficulties recovering.

My internet access returned after noon today and I spent the day frantically marketing, trying to put up web sites and applying for temporary jobs to get me through this difficult transitional period.

I shouldn't have to go through this, no woman should be put through this level of despair to support a career criminal. And I ask all to not let the Little Bear wildfire devastate so many people... if you can give, please give. If you have a week-end home in Ruidoso please offer it to a displaced family. If you have food, furniture, please donate it.

Being homeless isn't an easy road to walk. Not for anyone.

There has to be someone related to Robert & Sylve Huckins must have some means to reach them, if it be Michael Huckins, Dr.Kenneth Ogilvie ( Diana Huckins? Dominic Huckins? Malcolm Huckins? ) or Patricia Ogilvie-Huckins and get them to return ALL of the money they stole from us so that I can buy a home and get our lives back. I am begging anyone in this family for help.

I don't believe I have EVER witnessed any none vio
lent crime that can be as devastating as stealing someone's home. I am walking in Dorothy McKeevers footsteps, day by day, month by month, year by year. Liam Griffin, I sat in your law office with two witnesses as you gave me your promise, your guarantee, that our money would be returned before harm came to us.

Patricia Ogilvie-Huckins you were present the day I signed contract with your son. You walked out of the kitchen with Sylve Huckins and your son introduced me to you. He told you that I was the British horse trainer he had told you about, the one he was going to build the home and barn for. Why didn't you say something? There may be a rational and reasonable explanation but I have spent over 3 years, homeless, not understanding it. I understand it even less knowing that though I was a total stranger, both Dorothy McKeever and Sally Canning you KNEW, and you knew what your son had done to them and others.

Dr. Kenneth Ogilvie, I contacted you and simply a
sked for a reference, not knowing that Robert Huckins was your cousin. Robert Huckins had just stolen over $30,000 from the domestic violence shelter, HEAL, yet everyone was trying to hide it. There was a history of stealing large amounts of money. $65,000 PLUS from Nancy Canning. $89,000 PLUS from Dorothy McKeever, $45,000 from Francis McKinney. The list just goes on and on and on.

Because of Robert Huckins I ended up paying
$140,000 to be homeless.. sat in the cold, emotionally, physically and financially broke. In the middle of a recession, with no way to recover the stolen funds.Today Robert Huckins has his own home...
He also has OUR home.....
He also has a lot of people's money...
And his freedom.

Women are not banks or loan institutions. Women should not be the source of a retirement fund for people who don't want to do an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. Holding women hostage while playing with the judicial system, a horrendous game of cat and mouse extending YEARS, with the victims whose very homes, families and stability are in jeopardy is cruelty, as cruel as a physical beating. It is financial and emotional RAPE. Homelessness is not justice. It is a slow, painful death.
Please, I beg with everything I have within me, pl
ease convince Robert Huckins to stop this torture and return the building fund he stole from us so we too, can have a home.

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