Sunday, June 6, 2010

****A Criminal Defense Attorney's Woes****

I have learned such a lot from the judicial system I could probably write a book titled, "101 ways to get away with cold blooded murder" and it just may become a best seller!

Todd Holmes was the last of
the criminal defense attorney's, after a number of attorney's had excused themselves from the position of defending Robert Huckins over a 4-5 year period.

In the sentencing hearing in March 2010 Mr. Holmes stood in court and said something to the effect that, "My client isn't a criminal!"

Perhaps he forgot that he was standing in a courtroom with a client in a sentencing and restitution hearing. The said client having plead guilty to multiple counts of FELONY fraud and embezzlement.. plead GUILTY.

I wonder what the definition of "a criminal" is these days in our courts?

And he was ONLY excused from having to face dozens of other ca
ses because the DA wouldn't prosecute him for felony fraud and embezzlement OR writing dozens of bad checks for large amounts of money.

Where are those hot checks by the way?

How can you write $2,500, $1,500 in BAD checks to employee's and sub-contractors and GET AWAY WITH IT? People who worked hard to earn a living and were robbed of their income.

Robert Huckins isn't just a criminal, he's a career criminal who has n
ever had a moral compass, who has no other means to make a living. He preys on society. He is now a CONVICTED FELON.

Approaching the court Mr. Holmes told Judge Ritter, "Denise isn't ACTUALLY homeless."

What do you call having all your belongings boxed, being moved from storage unit to storage unit, because you can't always find the funds to pay for so much storage, with your truck packed with personal possessions because you are living in a metal shed in someone's back yard?

Not homeless? What on earth does Mr. Holmes qualify as homelessness?

If I am NOT homeless I must be on an extended camping trip, but please don't tell Robert Huckins because he will bill me for this new "vacation" plan he has arranged for me.

I have a piece of land that isn't even worth a fraction of what I paid for it ($30k) because it has been entangled in criminal action and loan institutions fear that more liens may be forthcoming - so it's becoming an unmarketable item. I cannot get a loan to buy a modular. It has no utilities and I can't find enough help to put the roof on the barn and try to do it myself.

One of the most outstanding of all comments had to be made when Mr. Holmes described his clients personality in such glowing terms. I wanted to stand and applaud. No-one can doubt that Robert Huckins is a charismatic individual... but the jails are full of con artists whose sole skill in this world is conning people out of their life savings. Having a charismatic personality does not reflect honesty, honor ability. integrity. The reality that the man is in front of a judge pleading guilty to three counts of felony criminal acts says far more than any charisma could ever say.

Mr. Holmes gave a quite eloquent speech saying that he felt that I SHOULD get all of my mothers money back, ALL of it, and with "expedience."

Expedience turned out to be a payment plan, and we wouldn't have enough finances returned to obtain a home until I am 69 years old and my mother is 98 years old.
And we have NO other means to get a home. Huckins took ALL of o
ur money!

In a 12 month period, starting the 10th of June, 2010, Robert Huckins must pay me a total of around $5,000, perhaps a little more. A $5,000 amount MAY pay for the cost of getting the utilities to the land - but nothing more.

Yet in JUNE 2010 Huckins started bitterly complaining that HE CANNOT AFFORD TO PAY MY MOTHERS MONEY BACK.

Huckins has a comfortable home, HIS mother close by, and no jail time, and he can't afford to pay my mothers money back? And feels justified enough to verbalize this loudly? I am simply amazed.

Life is so unfair to this poor maligned creature. *Sigh*

Mr. Holmes WHERE IS MY MOTHERS $82,200,00?

Justice is itself the great standing policy of civil society; and any eminent departure from it, under any circumstances, lies under the suspicion of being no policy at all.- Edmund Burke.