Sunday, June 6, 2010

****So WHERE Is The Money?****

Hundreds of thousand of dollars of "clients" money has gone missing.. So what did Robert Millard Huckins do with his ill gotten gains?

Clearly the IRS & NM State tax and revenue have no idea!

On 04/15/2002 the Secretary taxation & Revenue Dept applied for, and got, an injunction & request for temporary restraining order from engaging in business against Robert Millard Huckins. An order that is still active today.

And Robert Millard Huckins did what? IGNORED them!
And what did the 12th District Court Do?

In fact, Robert Huckins has ignored every single judgment & court order given by every single judge in the 12th District.
And what did the 12 District Court Do?

Because no-one wanted to do anything this man was pocketing more money per year than the President of the United States of America earns - leaving homeless, broke, financially depleted, desperate citizens in his wake. It has been a travesty of justice which has thoroughly mocked our judicial system and Paul Harvey's words ring loud and clear.

Does anyone know where the ill gotten funds have gone to? His family members perhaps? How about a European bank or an offshore account?

In 2008 Governor Bill Richardson sent in white collar criminal investigators to retrieve the money belonging to my mother.

DAYS before that demand was made, in a recorded interview with white collar crime investigators, Robert Huckins walked out of the Wells Fargo bank with OVER $100k in CASH.

To those within the 12th District it didn't seem important enough to secure & freeze those assets, even though Huckins had already been criminally charged with felony fraud & embezzlement in two other cases, and all were aware that the loss would leave me homeless.

The rights of the victims has not even been worthy of consideration..
And I want to know WHY?

The missing money is somewhere, it didn't disappear, as much as those in judicial positions in the 12th District would like to pretend it did.

Robert & Sylvi Sveren Huckins live near poverty standards. They purchased their home and shop for $160,000 and then proceeded to refuse to pay the mortgage forcing the lien holder to fight for their money on a yearly basis. It's a continual foreclosure battle going back to the date of purchase, as the court records will testify to.

When I hired Huckins to build a home they owned a fairly decent but not expensive truck that someone had riddled with bullets.

That should have been a sign that "something" was amiss. *Laugh*

By hiring sub-contractors and then refusing to pay them, and refusing to buy un-necessary things, things like building permits, inspections, etc the money he actually spend having been hired as a contractor was minimal.

Of course, then you have a LOT of angry people and bullet holes in your vehicle. *Sigh*

It's thought that the truck, which cost around $6,000, was repossessed after Huckins refused to pay the payments so Huckins returned to driving a beaten up 1970's station wagon.

So where did the money go?

At one point he said that he was sending my mothers money to Europe, then quickly said he was joking, but the American judicial system doesn't have to ability to check on assets in other countries.

Another time, while bullying myself and my daughter, he said that he was "spending" my mothers money and there was not a thing I could do to stop him.

He was right. There was nothing I could do because everyone in the judicial system refused to help me and stop him. Since January 2008 not ONE person in the judicial system has asked Huckins WHERE IS THE MONEY?

The family involvement has become the most puzzling. After his arrest they all suddenly became "victims." If they were victims why did they silently stand by watching him financially rape dozens of people? Why give written references?

If a member of MY family was stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars I couldn't stand by and watch them, I would have to jump in even if it was telling people NOT to hire him, instead of trying to find him more prospective victims.
Delay of justice is injustice. - Walter Savage Landor