Saturday, June 5, 2010

****Who is Robert Millard Huckins?****

Born in the United States in 1950 Robert M. Huckins hardly had the average upbringing, but one of privilege, opportunity and affluence. His mother, Patricia Ogilvie-Huckins is an artist of note whose work hanging in private collections in Belgium, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Michigan, Georgia, California, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. and her sister, Peggy Hooker, was the first woman president of the Albuquerque branch of the American Institute of Architects, and the first woman to serve on the N.M. Board of Examiners for architects. His father, Robert Huckins Sr, a professional who accepted an overseas' assignment, soon relocated his young family to Europe.

Robert Millard Huckins attended private schools in Switzerland &
Connecticut where he counted the likes of the DuPonts & Vanderbilts as his peers.

After his parents returned to the United States Robert Huckins remained in Europe, married
Sylvie Vreven Huckins, a Belgium accountant with an outstanding career, and resided in Antwerp, Belgium until relocating to Lincoln County, New Mexico.

Having plead guilty to felony fraud & embezzlement, in exchange for ZERO jail time, Robert M. Huckins works for the Ruidoso Downs Wal-Mart tire and lube. Pleading poverty in an academy winning act, with hundreds of thousands of dollars of "clients" money missing, he CAN acquire a
bankruptcy attorney, he has a home, and land purchased with ill gotten gains!

The victims hardly had the same opportunities of privilege that Robert M. Huckins derives from and clearly feels that the world owes him. All were honest, hard working individuals who contributed to society. Some had spent a lifetime in public service, others had raised families. There are not for profits, including the domestic violence shelter, and government offices amongst them.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - Burke

I met Dorothy McKeever while she worked for Wal-Mart. Retired from civil service this slightly built genteel lady in her 70's is the epitome of a kind motherly figure who never complained and seemed to have little to complain about.

It was going to be some years before I learned, "the rest of the story"...

As her daughters wrote on the Ruidoso News Topix forum:

My mother was a victim of Bob Hutchins she worked her whole life to retire in Ruidoso when he cheated her of her dream. He took advantage of her kind heart her trust and she is left with an unfinished home - he walked away with well over 100K. We thought the safety measures were in place the bank 'WAS' to send an inspector for each draw he requested. He would bring an invoice to my mother who is sight impaired and tell her what he had done she would sign and submit to the bank. The bank would send an inspector and release the money to him. Reviewing the paperwork of work he claimed to have completed was fabricated and not even started but there on the bottom of the page was a signature from an inspector - a co-conspirator I can only suspect. She had to return to work in her 70's to pay for other contractors to make the house livable. My stomach turns when I go there and see the hardships she has had to endure and the conditions she has had to live in.
I hope you get your due Mr. Hutchins - you are a crook. My faith is only in the judicial system that they will successfully convict you and you spend you time behind bars.

I am also disgusted with Mr. Huckins...He left my mother with a half built house as stated by Judy Torres my sister. I blame him and the bank for distributing the monies to him when a full inspection was not completed properly. When I asked the bank for the names of the inspectors I was told they could not disclose that information. I did have a signature but of course could not identify any of the letters. And it seems rather odd when all the monies were distributed to Bob the loan officer at the bank was transferred. My mother sits there with a half built house while he is still running around the town and not behind bars

What happened in our judicial system that this was not only allowed, but allowed to continue on a regular basis, victims surfacing on a monthly basis, for over a decade without anyone batting an eye?

I ask WHY this has been allowed to continue? If crime doesn't pay.. why has it afforded Robert Huckins a continual source of high dollar income for OVER A DECADE here in Lincoln County? WHY have so many victims been turned away from the DA's office year after year?

For over ten years did we have no-one in the 12th District sworn to protect & serve who is willing to do so?"

After spending thousands of dollars in legal fee's Dorothy received a court ordered judgment that Robert Huckins IGNORED until he filed for bankruptcy YEARS later.

Dorothy passed away February 17th, 2010 STILL fighting to retrieve her savings from Robert Huckins.

I think the first duty of society is justice. - Alexander Hamilton