Saturday, June 5, 2010

****Shattered Dreams, Endless Nightmares****

I started this blog to chronicle how one man can turn the lives of so many upside down. The past 3 years have been so surreal that I hardly know how or where to start. But I will start with a dream..

The dream of buying a home and horse barn, having lost my home when my marriage crumbled. I didn't have much hope of ever having a home again. I didn't have any credit, age and a genet
ic disease was making the prospect look bleak.

Until my mother offered to sell HER home in Great Britain, to buy one in the United States. We are British. My children, grand-children and all extended family members are all American.

My mother didn't sell a vacation home, or second home... she sold the only home she had in the world.

When I hired Robert M. Huckins to build a home and a horse barn that dream came crashing down on top of me and turned into a veritable nightmare.

It's been 3 years since I last spoke to my mother or saw her.
3 years terrified of telling her what happened to her
home. Not terrified because she would be angry, but that she couldn't take the shock, and would have a massive heart attack.
How do you tell an ailing lady in her 80's that every dime she had has been stolen by a thief, and the judicial system is so inept that the thief is mocking us?
If we do not maintain justice, justice will not maintain us. - Francis Bacon

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