Sunday, June 13, 2010

**** The Pen IS Mightier Than The Sword! ****

This was an early morning, a friend drove to Ruidoso and, in sheer desperation, we ended up taking a peek at an abandoned mobile home near Capitan, and we discussed "perseverance."

If there were medals given out for perseverance I'm convinced that I would, at least, qualify for an honorar
y mention.

So I took some time this afternoon to go through ALL of the e-mails between myself and Robert Huckins, and government officials, since I hired him to build a home and horse barn.

I shouldn't HAVE to display this type of tenacity - this dogmatic determination to GET justice.
We have a society designed to have elected officials protecting the citizens from criminal activity. These people get paid to do a job, and when they REFUSE to do a job it is nothing short of dereliction of duty. And if it continues to the degree that the Huckins cases have been allowed to escalate to then the responsibility passes from the criminal to the government officials.
Having watched what has happened in THIS case I cannot imagine how the parents of a child rape victim must feel when a judge releases a dangerous person back onto the street to hurt another person.
I cannot imagine how solid, faithful, law enforcement officers must feel when, after untold hours of investigations the judge just slaps the offender on the hand and lets them go.

Certainly my opinions have changed considerably. And I am so un-civilized I feel that those elected officials who don't want to do the job hired to do should PAY THE PENALTY OF THOSE THEY refuse to protect society from.
Don't want to put them in jail? Fine, YOU do their jail time.
Don't want to find stolen money? Fine, YOU pay the victims.

Some accountability has to be had.

The cowboys have an old saying, "Depends upon whose bull is being gored."

If it isn't your bull you don't give diddly squat! True Story!

From: Denise
Date: 6/17/2008 6:14:34 AM
To: Robert Huckins
Subject: Tuesday... June 17th, 2008.

I think perhaps it's time for us to have a heart to heart talk about this situation and see if we can come to an amicable agreement. I re-read your e-mail sent yesterday and went back through all of the e-mails to February. The common thread running through all is that you don't have the time to build my home or finish my barn.
Today, in June 2008, I am as close to having my own bed, cooking in my own kitchen, as I was in December 2007 when my mothers funds to purchase a home was transferred from England to the United States.
This has been an absolute tragedy.

With the 1600 ft home not yet started and a horse barn that consists of nothing but 4 walls. With a well that has never been used and electricity not yet onto the property the only work of any substance that has been done on that property in two months is the septic system.
And the property has been left in an awful mess.
Bob, you simply do not have the time for this. And you have admitted such in almost every single e-mail.

In the past few weeks I have had three real estate agents view the property and tell me what the market value was while we tried to figure out what my losses were going to be if you did not adhere to the contract.

Each one could not put a market value price above 40k for property I paid 30k for 6 months ago. The cost of the septic was not included in that estimate. Seeing as you will not tell me what the septic cost or who put it inI have no idea what the added value is. I do know that the well is a shallow well and that was not costly at all.
The barn, because it needed so much work and has NO building permits, was seen as a liability not an asset.
If the schedule that you gave me isn't going to be possible I think we should take a deep breath and negotiate what we can do to secure some relief.

There should be a substantial amount remaining in the building fund I had sent to purchase a home. A SUBSTANTIAL amount.
It if is enough to build a 1600 sq ft home then it certainly is enough for me to buy a nice modular and get it moved onto the property. If there is enough for you to finish the barn there is enough for me to finish the barn.
The difference is, if I purchase a modular and get friends and family to help I can be in a home within 4 weeks - a home with water & electricity instead of my sleeping in the cab of my truck wondering when my home will be finished.

You and Sylvi need to discuss this and give serious consideration to accepting my offer. I would relinquish the contract and walk away without a murmur or without any desire to speak about this situation ever again IF a SUBSTANTIAL amount of my money is returned to me.
We could then go about our business and see to the priorities we have. For myself that is getting myself into a home as quickly as possible, getting back to work and being able to see my mother.

His response?

"No, I will not return any monies, besides you were homeless when I met you - what's the difference?" The refusal to return my mothers money said by BOTH Sylvi & Robert Huckins!

On 7/14/2008 I sent the following letter to EVERY single representative and senator in the State of New Mexico. Only two responded and moved to TRY and get the law to do what the law should have done from the start; Senator Adair and Governor Bill Richardson. Two out of dozens of people who are sworn to public service. Just shameful!

Date: 7/14/2008 1:51:44 PM
Subject: Help Requested........

I am trying to find ANY government official(s) who are willing to protect residents of New Mexico from business people who are taking money and then re
fusing to give the services paid for. ( A builder/contractor.)

I have $80,000+ in cash missing from a safe deposit box- where it was placed as a building fund in DECEMBER 2007.
The builder was NOT supposed to take it, but AFTER telling the assistant district attorney that it was IN a safe deposit box he took the money and refuses to put it back.
Trying to beg him to actually build a home is hopeless. He just laughs at you or bullies you.

I have 4 walls to the horse barn, the septic and the well done..And those have taken 7 months. He has broken every
schedule, lied about buying material, and lied about WHERE my mothers money has
gone to.
I am one of dozens of clients of the same builder. Even the Ruidoso Downs Chamber of Commerce & The Domestic Violence Shelter was victimized by the same builder.
Where are our government officials? Why is the law protecting him and not us? This isn't civil, this is CRIMINAL.

I am homeless. Literally homeless with this building project just draining me more than I can cope with. I have NO protection, He has all of our money and he has robbed us of all of my hope.
Yet he can bully me, and mock me, and cat and mouse me and he knows that no lawyer will defend me because it's a waste of time. He knows that he can ignore court judgments and no-one does a thing to him.

Previous clients/victims tried to get the state to revoke his building license.
Did they? No, they simply ignored the clients he had stolen money from.
He knows that he has a game that is making him wealthy and the State of New Mexico.. Well, it does NOTHING.
Not law enforcement agencies, not the courts, not the construction licensing office (CID,) not the attorney generals office, not even the tax office. Is this man filing all that stolen money as income?

Mr.Bingaman, Are you going to tell me that you can't do anything either?

Denise Bundy
New Mexico
1 575 808 2305
Man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but man's inclination to injustice makes Democracy necessary.- Reinhold Niebuhr