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****Judicial Injustice?****

Paul Harvey once reported, "If you want to commit a murder, and get away with it, go to Lincoln County, New Mexico."

When Robert Millard Huckins relocated from Antwerp, Belgium, to Lincoln County, New Mexico we had no idea what truth Paul Harvey spoke in his radio broadcast.

True, Robert Huckins has actually never murdered anyone. Not in a literal sense.
But he may has well have for his path of destruction, often working under the company name "Cabinet Craft" & "MJR Designs" then "Concept Pro's," swept across Lincoln County like a plague of locusts and without one ounce of moral conscience.

And our judicial system, those sworn to protect and serve the good citizens of Lincoln County did...NOTHING.
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But that is the tip of the iceberg. The majority of his victims were de
nied judicial process, and those forced to take civil action fought for years to obtain the judgments Robert Huckins ..... ignored.

The final blow came when he filed
bankruptcy, having plead guilty to felony fraud and embezzlement in 3 cases, and all those victims with civil judgments were further denied judicial process to retrieve their savings.

I hired Robert Huckins to build a home and horse barn on 4+ acres I had purchased. My first blog shows a photo of the only building ever started. That photo was taken in February 2008. It looks EXACTLY the same today.

For almost 2 years I sat homeless, being served subpoena after
subpoena, while this man just laughed at all the victims, until I could take no more and I wrote the below letter to the editor.

Goodbye, judicial system

To the editor:
Posted: 08/04/2009 06:10:57 PM MDT

RE: Yet another continuance. The State of NM vs Robert Huckins: CR-08-63

This is an open letter to all of the judges in Lincoln County and the 12th Judicial District Court who have had Robert Huckins stand in front of them charged with civil or criminal complaints.

I am a victim of Robert Huckins. A victim who has patiently waited for 18 months to see justice prevail. During the first 60 days I actually anticipated that law enforcement, through the District Attorney's office, would protect my mother's money.

I now understand the error of my thinking. I was under the impression that the legal system, District Attorneys' offices and judges sought justice. How foolish of me.

For over a dozen years, ever since he came to Ruidoso from Belgium, this man has stood before you in your courts. Wasn't it evident that something was amiss?

Have you gone through the New Mexico court records? Have you seen the path of destruction this man has caused?

And for every one person whose name is listed as a victim on this man's wall of shame in civil and criminal records on the NM court record search, there are 50 or more victims whose names will never appear - sub-contractors and employees who were given hot checks, the monies never recovered and charges never filed. So much embezzled money we can't even count it all.

Had you done something about this man when the first criminal charges were filed, I would not have become a victim and been left homeless terrified that I will never see my mother again.

The domestic violence shelter, not-for-profit HEAL, would not have watched $30,000 of their money stolen.

The list goes on. Victims being victimized by the system designed to protect them. You have given this man permission to steal.

First we had a District Attorney's office who wouldn't do their job, then we have defense attorney's abusing the system at the tax payers expense, and lastly we have judges who allow court cases to be scheduled, subpoenas issued, then continued, bail reduced or diminished until the term justice is nothing but a mere mockery. Totally disregarding the very victims who have been hurt so deeply.

This is like a really nasty game with no end in sight. It's an unfair game where the victims become pawns of your courts. It's an emotionally hurtful game because the victims continue to be victimized by your courts.

In fact, the only people who are benefiting are the court-appointed defense attorneys and the criminals.

Isn't that a fine state of affairs.

I am now refusing to play this game any further. I will not testify in any criminal trial and will not accept any more subpoenas until the very judges who want to play games with my life come share my life. Or what is left of my life in the aftermath of this situation. I have aged 10 years in the past 18 months. I am deathly ill, faced with a nightmare of a situation, and if it's good enough for me, it's good enough for you.

I have a home to build, without any funds because the entire building fund was stolen. I have been left homeless by the person you keep releasing and quite honestly I want to see my mother again before she dies. So if you want to talk to this victim you can pick up some tools and some building material and come help build the home.

Share the frustration and heartbreak. It will do you a world of good. Maybe that is what it will take for you to start putting the victims into the equation, start having one iota of caring & consideration for those who are already suffering.

It's about time you learned what being a victim was about, and it's about time you shared the responsibility of a career criminal whom no one wanted to stop. After that you can ask me to become a pawn of our totally disgusting judicial system. But failing that, I don't want to hear from anyone from the DA's office, or the courts, ever again.

My phone number is 575-808- 2305. Please don't have anyone contact me unless you have some construction tools and construction material and are willing to walk in my shoes.


Denise Auchmoedy-Bundy

Cc: The Hon. Judge Karen L. Parsons

The Hon. Judge Martha M. Proctor

The Hon. Jerry H. Ritter

The Hon. James W. Counts

The Hon. William Raymond Butts

[District Attorney] Diana Martwick

Wayne Jordon

[State] Senator [Rod] Adair

Governor Bill Richardson

Gary King, Attorney General of New Mexico

"60 Minutes"


Restorative Justice

World Net Daily

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Editor's note: The accusations are solely those of the letter-writer. In our judicial system, the individual named is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

In March 2010 Huckins finally plead guilty to felony fraud and embezzlement in exchange for ZERO jail time, (27 years in jail suspended) in our case and two more.

My mother and I will be NINETY EIGHT and SIXTY NINE YEARS OLD before her building fund will be returned and we can start building our home. And in the State of New Mexico restitution is not EVEN ENFORCEABLE. We have no other funds.


How can the State of New Mexico justify leaving victims homeless while Huckins has a home being purchased with stolen money? If the system is so good why doesn't the State of New Mexico pay the restitution and collect the monthly payments from him?

The administration of justice is the firmest pillar of government.
George Washington.