Monday, February 7, 2011

**** Morally Bankrupt ****

Jackie e-mailed me yesterday to tell me that my mother is wanting my cousin to contact me. A cousin I have had no contact with in over 30 years. Jackie is so worried that my mother will have to be told that there isn't a "home," and her money was stolen, for fear that her health will decline considerably.

The reason I am writing is because your mum has just phoned me & asked me to ring someone who I have never heard of. She wanted me to give her your email address as she wants to start a contact with you. Doreen says she is your cousin. The thing is, alarm bells were ringing as your mum has never mentioned this person & I did not know if you would be happy for her to contact you. Doreen doesn't understand about getting people's permission before you pass email addresses on so I think she is feeling a bit bewildered at me.
So - can I ring this person & give her your email address?

My mother is a worrier who had a nervous breakdown 30+ years ago, has such poor health and it takes so little to send her into sleepless nights and into a serious emotional state. A problem that may be of insignificance to others will be blown to insurmountable proportion by my mother.

I know that my mother is getting very worried wondering what the home is like that she purchased, wondering why I have not invited her back to Ruidoso, wondering why I am hiding away, wondering why the deafening sound of silence...

Still, Jackie's warning that my mother cannot emotionally handle being told weighs heavily upon my heart and I am suffering enough health problems because of this.. I dare not risk my mother suffering a heart attack just as Dorothy did.

The Albuquerque Journal records/bankruptcies announcements, Monday September 27th, 2010 can be found at the below url.


Huckins, Robert M. Jr., Ruidoso Downs, N.M.; mechanic; debts, $295,472; property, $139,513.

Almost $100,000 of that $295,472 belonged to Dorothy McKeever. That was HER building fund for HER retirement home. Monies she has saved up after a lifetime of civil service and honorable living. Monies she couldn't live without, and couldn't recover. She died of a massive heart attack shortly after Robert Huckins filed bankruptcy. If I tell my mother, she will be the next one.

This is an absolute nightmare of a situation because I can't even tell Jackie that there has been "any" progress.

Returning to Dorothy McKeever how COULD a US bankruptcy judge even consider allowing a little old lady to be wiped out? Are these judges morally bankrupt?

I woke up to 9 degree temperatures which is still fairly warm after the past week. The snowstorm that was scheduled to come today has been postponed until Thursday and the weather became warm enough for me to start fretting and worrying about Copper, who is STILL outside the shed door.

Corruption and hypocrisy ought not to be inevitable products of democracy, as they undoubtedly are today. ~ Mohandas K. Gandhi