Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kentucky Derby

What started out as a wonderful day yesterday quickly soured as a migraine started to disable me. Stopping at Lawrence Bros. slightly after noon to pick up my bosses medication I bumped into Robert & Sylvi Huckins.
It absolutely amazes me that a couple can steal so much money, leave so much destruction in their wake, and their lives continue on totally untouched. No difficulties, no discomfort... plain sailing in a comfortable home with so much stolen money hidden away.
Laughing every step of the way.

By mid afternoon I was suffering from tunnel vision, starting to feel very ill. By evening I couldn't move. All night the migraine grew worse, until at 5 am this morning I was eating Excedrin *Migraine like candy.

At the Lazy J I asked Jan to see if her electrician friend could give me an estimate to get the 2 power poles onto the land so I could get the well pumping and have working utilities. That seems to be the first thing I must get done as quickly as possible.

I feel so lonely and alone trying to do the impossible. And I am so tired of these migraines and health problems caused by the stress.

No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible. ~ Voltaire