Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Time Flies

The weather soared well into the 70's today and was simply glorious. Despite a throbbing migraine, and limited tunnel vision, I tried to get the vegetable plants planted in my bosses garden while running back and forth answering the inquiries for the horses being marketed by the Lazy J, and market a trophy room of exotics my boss is selling.

A few days ago my 3 yr old grandson told me that he loved going into my bosses house because of all the "animals" attached to the walls. But with the seriousness only a 3 yr old could display he added, "You know he SHOULD have taken them to see a doctor."

While talking to Jan about one particular stallion I almost offered to go and ride him every day till sold. I stopped in my tracks. If I can't get rid of these migraines I can no longer guarantee that I have sight each day let alone be able to keep balance on a stallion who hasn't had a saddle on him in 7 years.
What a difference 3 or 4 years makes in our lives. How quickly lives, families, security can be shattered.

Jan made the comment that she couldn't ride him because she had... fallen over the cat that was racing around the house and sprained her arm. It took seconds before we could stop laughing.

When I was too ill to get out of bed I kept coming out of a deep sleep into a light sleep wondering where I was, confused as to why I was asleep in a garden shed. It was one of those surreal events that you can't quite forget. It wasn't "Why am I still in a garden shed" but "What one earth am I doing in a garden shed." There are times when I sincerely wish I had siblings, brothers or sisters whom I could phone and simply ask, "Would you please look after mum."

There has to be a way to rectify this... there has to be an answer I have not stumbled across, a method I have not yet considered. There has to be. But time, and my health, seems to be my worst enemies.

Time flies over us, but leaves it's shadow behind .~ Nathaniel Hawthorn