Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Very English Nervous Breakdown

I have been so ill that writing the blog wasn't possible yesterday evening. A milder than usual migraine impaired my vision throughout the day. In the middle of the night both of my hands started to hurt, as though the blood flow was being restricted. A heavy hurt, both hands turning to lead with the left hand far worse than the right. By turning onto my side I seemed to alleviate the pain and eventually fell asleep.

Every attempt to get back to that single wide and barn was thwarted by another impending family emergency, or these continual migraines. I have long since realized that I may have to by-pass depression and go in for a full fledged nervous breakdown before this is all over. There is a level of desperation I cannot even find words to describe. Mid-may and I am no further forward in obtaining a home before winter.

This morning the wind started up again, and the weather turned cooler as the mountains became overcast.

Rio started acting as though all hell was breaking lose, so I wondered out of the shed to see what was upsetting her so. Two stray dogs. Two stray dogs trying to kill Bandit, my cat. Both were absolutely adorable dogs, but "Rambo" decided that he wanted a feline brunch and with Bandit perched up a 30ft pine tree nothing would dissuade the dogs.

Rambo and his malamute hybrid sidekick then went in the shed chasing Wally, and that set off a chaotic mess with Rio trying to protect her territory and Wally crawling the walls trying to get away from the dogs.

I called the number on the tags.. an 813 area response. An hour later I phoned again. No response. Still Bandit perched high above the ground knowing his fate if he dare try to come down. Wally disappeared without a trace and Rio sat growling and barking furiously.

The chaos doesn't seem to want to end.

Finally a neighbor told me that the owners lives in this area, and another neighbor took it upon herself to call the sheriff's department and have the dogs picked up. It saddened me because given time we may have been able to locate the owners of two very nice dogs.. who simply didn't like cats. I'll never really understand people.. but there again I love all animals.

As of today the $450 Robert Huckins has to pay before the 10th of each month has not arrived. Even when it does I will be painfully short in paying the cost to get electricity onto that land. A nervous breakdown seems well overdue.. a very English nervous breakdown.

Look to your health -- and value it next to a good conscience; for health is ... a blessing that money cannot buy.~ Izaak Walton