Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Important Disclaimer

A reader was kind enough to explain why I suddenly had dozens of people coming to this blog having typed, "Robert Huckins, American Dreamland" into the search engine.

It seems that an author by the name of Robert C. Huckins recently published a book by that name and the two Robert Huckins are not related in any shape nor form.

Robert C. Huckins, a Milford resident who teaches high school social studies. He has finished his first novel, American Dreamland, which he will talk about and autograph.

The story is set in a time very much like our own:

In the face of dwindling approval ratings and growing criticism, President George W. Bush is impeached and thrown out of office near the end of his second term. He returns home to Texas, bewildered and humiliated, his political career in ruins.

Meanwhile, a deeply respected but poorly reviewed Bob Dylan finds his Never Ending Tour odyssey growing tired and stale as fans and critics alike view him more as a traveling museum than as a dynamic performance artist. Disillusioned, Bob retires from music.

As the sun fades on these two men, each of them struggles to find his place in the increasingly fickle American cultural landscape. Bush's and Dylan's worlds come together in strange and unpredictable ways, demonstrating how seemingly opposite ends of life's spectrum may not be so far apart from each other after all.

I felt so disheartened that anyone with the name Robert Huckins may be wrongly tarnished by one individual that I felt a disclaimer was needed.

I don't know Robert C. Huckins, have never met the gentleman, and wish him nothing but the best in his literary endeavors, and sincerely apologize for any discomfort any mistakes in identity have caused.

Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted.~ Jules Renard