Sunday, January 16, 2011

Neighborhood Watch?

We actually timed it this time. Not even close to 48 hours.

I picked up the miniature Schnauzer for my boss at 4.30 pm-5 p.m on Friday afternoon in El Paso, Texas. The only people who knew what I was doing was my oldest daughter, Jan at the Lazy J, and my boss. I left a message on the office answering machine at Becky Washburn DVM at around 3.30 pm the same day. I didn't get back till 8.30 pm Friday night so no-one could see me unload the miniature Schnauzer.
He was put in the house, and no-one can see into the small fenced yard.

Today at 9.30 am I loaded up the dog and took him to be groomed by Jan at the Lazy J. When I returned my boss said, "That backhoe woman came again whole you were gone with the dog. She was peeping through my windows and finally came to the door and said that she had HEARD that I had a new dog. I'd like to know how she found out I had a new dog?"

Maybe every neighborhood has a "nosy neighbor" but I'm a bit like my boss. Thoroughly stumped at how this woman knows everything well in advance, or why it's worth her time trying to keep up with what everyone is doing as though this is PhD level information and she MUST be the first to know. I never thought that the arrival of a new dog was particularly "newsworthy" enough.

Maybe some lives are so empty they have to fill the void. I wish I had the same dilemma. No, that's not true. I'd simply like my own life back.

I spent 3 hours looking for dog leashes because I couldn't find anything in the packed boxes. Jan needed to borrow some training equipment and I couldn't find standard training equipment. It's so heartbreaking and so depressing when your life is boxed away and you can't function because you can't find anything.

The weather has been so beautiful it feels like spring and I am still worried about how to finish this trailer house and get the roof on the barn so I can have a life back.

Until then maybe I should go pick up an elephant.. now THAT may be news worthy enough for the nosy neighbor.

The only time people dislike gossip is when you gossip about them. ~ Will Rogers

A gossips mouth is the devils mailbox ~ Anon