Monday, January 31, 2011

Reach Out And Touch Someone

Today was a busy day and one when the cold front came in, and the dreaded nationwide storm reached out to touch someone. And that someone was me.

I had no sleep during the night. Between migraine, and painful limbs and freezing cold temperatures I sat at the computer, went to bed, got up again in pain and sat at the computer again.

By 6 am I wondered if I could handle that drive to Tulerosa to pick up the rest of the supplies I purchased months before. This would have been the last trip had I managed to find the help to transport it right through to Ruidoso, but that didn't materialize so we unloaded at Tom's in Tulerosa and will have to go back and pick it up after this snowstorm has cleared.

The entire trip took less than 3 hours and couldn't have gone any better. It's such a joy to be around the folks I purchased these barn construction supplies from. They are so funny, yet honest and honorable. A rare find today. What could have turned into a nightmare of a day was turned around just by the kindness and consideration of those around me.

As I drove through the Mascalero Reservation coming back to Ruidoso snow flakes started to fall. Not heavy, nor plentiful.. but enough to give a warning of what is to come.

By the time I reached Alto I could barely keep my eyelids open. I had intended to go to the Lazy J before the snow became a serious hazard, but I simply couldn't risk falling asleep behind the wheel of the truck.

I can hardly believe that January is over. It doesn't seem like more than 5 migraines ago I was simply dreading Christmas wondering how on earth we would get through it, wondering how I could survive severe weather. In 8 weeks spring will be on the horizon.

Please God give me the strength to keep going and please, please send me some help. Or allow me win the lottery. Something, anything has to break lose dear Lord.
We are in a race between cooperation and catastrophe, and the threat is outrunning our response. ~ Sam Nunn