Tuesday, February 1, 2011

6 Degrees And Worse To Come?

With 6 inches of snow on the ground by sunrise, and much more forecast. With temperatures dropping to 6 degrees in broad daylight I don't know if I am frozen solid or simply dumbfounded. I woke up not knowing if any part of my body wasn't as cold as if I had slept in a freezer instead of a shed.

I was scheduled to go to the Lazy J sometime today but I'm unsure when or if I will be able to make that trip. Today isn't it. I phoned Robin at Harvey' s and she said that some places have 10+ inches of snow so our 6 inches is a blessing. Jan said that there is anything from 4 to 15 inches at the Lazy J due to the drifting so we agreed that I would, "see her after the thaw."

The schools and I rather suspect government offices closed. I decided to try a "test run" to see how far I could get the truck, and I managed to go to TR'S store.. perhaps 3 miles, going 2 mph. The roads were ghastly and my heart was in my mouth.

Sat in this type of inclement weather is causing too much hardship to my body and inside the truck was, at least, warm. I really wish I had a bath. I would soak the day away, or at least 30 minutes of the day, in a hot bath.

By 3 pm it was... 7 degrees, by 5 pm it was 5 degrees, by 6 pm it was 0 degree. Even the dogs, trying to get warm under the blankets, were shivering with this insanely low temperature. Even with 6 pairs of socks on my feet just froze. This has been one entire winter compressed into less than 24 hours. What an absolute nightmare to have to live through while sat in a shed, and it is forecast to drop below -10 tonight . What is even worse is that it may last 2-4 days, we are a long way from over.

Do I dare pray that God allows me to win the lottery tonight so that I can live like the other human beings around me, in a home, with all the creature comforts so many take for granted?

A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine. ~ Thomas Jefferson