Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cruel Contrasts

Yesterday I had to stay off the computer because I was so angry I could barely utter a word without exploding at everyone around me - but especially at myself.

This life is such cruel contrasts, such injustices, that it's not difficult to go into emotional overload.

Watching Robert Huckins leave a comfortable home and head towards his mothers home REALLY threw darts deep into my heart.

I can't see my mother, she can't stay in her home, because Robert Huckins made sure that was never going to be possible again. I can't take my grand-children home because I don't have a home.

I earn enough to keep my head above water in perilous financial times, but I don't earn enough to rent a place, or come up with the finances to pay construction crews to renovate this single wide.
I'm surrounded by warm comfortable homes, people who live like civilized human beings, yet yards away from homes I sit in a garden shed. And have sat here through some awful conditions - inhumane conditions.

Yet I look towards Japan, and I see the worst possible human plight, whose loved ones are missing and whose future is precarious. A horror beyond horror.

Yesterday the contrasts were simply too much for me to handle. Emotionally I couldn't handle the frustration and the injustices I see and experience.

It's strange how a national disaster, a grand-daughter, and the sight of a convicted felon who has destroyed so many lives but his own, can be just enough to open Pandora's Box and let the emotions flow...
Yesterday was the day when everything collided.

I still have no help on the horizon with the single wide and barn. Jan, at the Lazy J, thought she could find a welder to get the barn roof on but couldn't remember his name or contact information and had no idea how much how would charge..

Please God, I'm so exhausted and so desperate, Please open some doors and let us have our lives back as a family, and I ask the same for the Japanese.

No man is sane who does not know how to be insane on proper occasions. ~ Henry Ward Beecher