Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunshine On My Shoulders

What amazing weather this is. 66 degree's with crystal blue skies. The horse never did arrive, but the deer managed to eat almost 2 bales of alfalfa put in the manger for the horse. I gave a HUGE sigh of relief when it didn't arrive, perhaps by the time he gets here I won't feel so "staved up" and ill.

Today I brought in some grass hay and had to explain - again - to my boss that I no longer have a hauling vehicle. Horses without a hauling vehicle, and with an ill person handing them should be an interesting proposition all the way around.

There is a part of me just silently screaming with frustration. I just HAVE to get that trailer house & barn finished .. we HAVE to see my mother alive.. and I can't physically weather one more winter in a shed - in the bitter cold, but I'm still stuck without help and no way to "jump start" this project. I try to be so optimistic but this is the fourth spring I have been exactly where I am so I'm finding it hard to jump up and down with enthusiasm.

IF someone in the District Attorney's office would reveal where the stolen money is, perhaps I could retrieve enough to at least live HALF as comfortable as Robert & Sylvi Huckins are living.. but thus far no one has told me where the money went to.

The status quo is the only solution that cannot be vetoed. ~ Clark Kerr