Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Stolen Money Has Been Found..

Well, that isn't exactly true. The $450 restitution payment for March, which Robert Huckins has to pay to keep out of jail arrived yesterday. So $450 of it surfaced.

It would delight me no end if I could blog;

"Robert & Sylvi Huckins had a conversion by miraculous intervention, and in a sincere show of repentance they have told ALL of the victims where they hid the stolen money, so now we can have the home we bought and paid for."

But that hasn't happened thus far, and I don't think I should hold my breath.

The judge has decided that if Robert Huckins doesn't fess up to where they hid the money he's going to be thrown in prison - where he belongs.

But, I have seen the judicial system and I'd have a better chance being thrown in jail for a driving ticket.

I would love to write, "MY boss bought me a $1 lottery ticket and it WON." !

That hasn't happened either.

I'd be thrilled if I could write, "Someone offered to finance me a modular."

Nope. Not happened.

I'd be simply overjoyed to write, "I have people helping me renovate the single wide and put the roof on the barn."

Sadly.. that has not materialized either. I'm still hitting that brick wall and it's excruciating.

Homeless people should fit a certain profile and we should all be given liberties in specific area's.

We shouldn't have families to worry about. My son-in-law and daughter were laid off from their places of work and cannot find employment. Today my son-in-law broke down in Texas, 600 miles from home. It's been frantic phone calls from early morning to late afternoon trying to find anyone who can help but the only course of action is for him to return to Missouri, and go back and get the truck with a trailer. Financially it's going to be very difficult for them, if not impossible, and we have all been on pins and needles all day fretting and worrying.

The first day of spring, which I have prayed to reach all winter yet I'm so disillusioned and depressed. I desperately try to find hope, but this seems such a hopeless situation, and each day just awful to get through. I feel so small, so insignificant and so helpless.

The heart has eyes which the brain knows nothing of. ~ - Charles H. Perkhurst