Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Sigh Of Relief, Now Back To The Grind..

Today my youngest daughter was scheduled to be released from the hospital, but put on home health nurse care so she could remain on the stent iv at home. I am just so delighted I can barely contain myself, and pray that she continues the required medical care to rid her body of what could be and is a life threatening disease.
Thank you Lord!

Yesterday I was so deathly ill with a violent migraine I wanted to curl into a fetal position and make the world go away. Instead the pharmacist and I made our apologies, and I picked up my bosses medication. Then my mind again turned towards a home, a barn, and how to make that happen without any more delays.

The weather, still in the middle 60's, is simply gorgeous and I am so impatient to try and get the single wide renovated and the barn roof on, but the lack of help remains the status quo. Perhaps God will allow my boss to win the lottery and I can get enough to buy a modular. There has to be a method to rectify this dilemma. There HAS to be. My very life is depending on it.

For today I will garden and get the vegetable plants ready that I started as seedlings, and try to come up with a course of action to do the absolute impossible - get into a home before winter and return to my career.

Next week I may try to walk on water.

The relationship between commitment and doubt is by no means an antagonistic one. Commitment is healthiest when it is not without doubt but in spite of doubt. ~ Rollo May