Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life Keeps Getting In The Way..

My youngest daughter has now been in the hospital for five days, and the White Fire is contained. I still have not been able to return to the single-wide and barn for life just keeps getting in the way.

I received a text early this morning telling me that my daughter's leg was diagnosed as MRSA, her heart biopsy showed no damage. She has a healthy heart. Her lung biopsy was inconclusive seeing as they could not complete the procedure for fear of puncturing the lung with her already broken ribs. I want to say "thank you Lord," for sparing her the heartache of lung cancer ... and I do feel that she has been blessed. But I know nothing of MRSA and I'm a little unsure what the prognosis is. So I am walking very carefully.

Three members of my family are in emergency services, two work in a hospital, two give medical assistance in life and death situations. Having medical problems to face brings a multitude of professional opinions and I am being inundated with information about MRSA, but I am trying to sort the wheat from the chaff because I have not spoken to the doctor himself.

I understand that she is going to have to remain in the hospital for another 3 days, because the doctors are going to try to put a tube in her vein to her heart - and I have no idea what is going on, so I am an emotional wreck.At this point I have no help on the horizon when it comes to getting the roof on the barn, and getting the single-wide renovated so I have somewhere to live. Even though so many other things keep distracting me, making it impossible for me to focus on one thing, getting that home livable is always on my mind.

It's just very easy for me to become frustrated when life is spiraling out of control with too much going on, for each is life threatening, stressful to handle if I was in a home. Virtually impossible to deal with when you have multiple events coming one after another - and you are homeless.

I am very tired. The weather is simply fabulous. In the 70's, sunny and welcoming. Even those friends with no construction knowledge have stopped asking me if there is any progress for they know that finding help has been a nightmare without an end.

IF the district attorney had been able to force Robert Huckins to reveal where he hide our building fund it may have been a totally different scenario. I would have been able to buy a home ready to live in and get everything organized without help.

But as a local businessman said," it is what it is." I have a convicted felon and his wife laughing at me because they got away with stealing the money, and I still have no idea how to get this project jump started despite being desperate and so very ill.

Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.