Friday, July 8, 2011

One Day At A Time, Sweet Jesus

Yesterday afternoon I was so deathly ill I came back to this shed and slept .. too ill to stay awake. Earlier in the day Robin Harvey and I had discussed my situation, and caring.. going over this situation where you can be left destitute and homeless by a convicted felon in a nation where rights are supposed to be protected. Talking about my mother, furniture and belonging being ruined, life and career in shambles trying to find the fund to get a home.

Nearby stood a long time friend whom I have not seen in years and had no idea what was going on. He immediately offered to help me in whatever way he could. I asked him if he could help me put the barn together because I can't chance anyone helping with the single-wide who isn't a professional contractor. Having been shut down long enough by NM CID to lose the volunteer help I had, and not being able to find anyone else to help, I'm no longer sure that I didn't throw good money after bad buying the single wide. It needed to be finished before the winter snows arrived last winter to prevent further damage - today it may have sustained so much damage it may be totally unrepairable.What an awful waste of money when you spend thousands of dollars desperate to have a house - a roof over ones head - a place to call home - and everything keeps crumbling in your hands because you can't get any help, and you can't find the stolen money that came from the sale of one home belonging to a lady born in 1927 and was intended to buy another home without undue delay. And those monies were the only resources available.

Jan phoned me in the late afternoon and wanted to meet me at Wal-Mart but I was too ill to even get to Ruidoso Downs. Still, she delivered the news that she had spoken to the certified electrician friend and he was going to contact Otero County Electric Co-Op and find out what I needed to do to get utilities to my land.
It has been such a chaotic situation because Robert Huckins was paid to put electricity to that land, and Otero County electric Co-Op have been wonderful trying to plow through the constant confusion caused by him. In 3 years no-one has even tried to find out how to get utilities there even though after Robert Huckins was arrested I paid the $3,000 to Otero County Electric Co-Op and have purchased permits. Perhaps more than once.

Please God, let us find a way to get the utilities on, and a house in place before winter sets in - again. If I have no success I will simply fold for I can't handle this struggle anymore. Emotionally and physically I can't handle another winter left homeless, this has been such a long hard road. I miss my mother desperately. I am so exhausted and so ill.

I can only appeal again to the Ogilvie-Huckins family. If that person is Malcolm Huckins, Dr. Kenneth Ogilvie, or Patricia Ogilvie-Huckins. Your brother, son, cousin stole our building fund and having tried every method to get a home without it we simply can't do the impossible. My mother sold her ONLY home to buy one here. Not a second home, or a spare rental. The only home she has had, that took 60+ years of working full time to obtain. Please help us retrieve our building fund so that we, too, can have a home before winter arrives, and have our lives returned to us. We have put up with more pain and suffering than any women should be forced to withstand - and we are not the only women to go through living hell because of Robert Huckins. PLEASE help me help myself. I have never begged before in my life, but after 3 years of trying to get a home it's become clearly obvious to everyone that we won't ever have a home - unless our building fund is returned.

The meaning of good and bad, of better and worse, is simply helping or hurting. ~Ralph Waldo Emerso