Friday, June 24, 2011

93 Degree's: Too Hot.. Too Dry..

Very rarely do we have temperatures as high as we had yesterday. West Texas heat arrived and it was literally suffocating. We desperately need rain. It's so dry that it's almost terrifying.

I have never been able to withstand these types of temperatures and they tend to be very unwelcome in these mountains, but it's the lack of rain during the tourist season that concerns us. Rain will send sewage through this shed. It's misery above and beyond what anyone can handle when everything you own is drenched in rotten smelling water and you can't find a dry place to put your feet. But the alternative is an uncontrollable wildfire and that would be disaster for many.

By mid-afternoon yesterday I was suffering from a debilitating migraine yet again, and as I went to sleep I vaguely remember praying to just go to be with the Lord. I just can't take anymore stress and these migraines are like having a weight around my neck. I can't get away from them. No amount of medication seems to be able to control them. The stress of trying to get into a home and see my mother again is compounding them.. a violent circle.

I have to get a web site designed for a local horse facility, and my boss has a horse running today. I'm unsure if he needs me to drive him to Ruidoso Downs but between the two of us neither one can see the road clearly. I am so deathly ill today I just want to curl up into a ball and disappear.

The metal roof that I had for the horse barn seems to have been ruined in the violent winds that have tossed everything around since I started buying building material, but so much of our belongings are being ruined it simply breaks my heart.

Again, I make a heartfelt appeal to the Ogilvie-Huckins family. I don't know whom can ask Robert Huckins to return our stolen building fund, whether it be Malcolm Huckins, Dr. Kenneth Ogilvie, Patricia Ogilvie-Huckins or another family member. But I am simply begging for your help. We need our home, like you need your homes. We need my mother like you need your mothers. We need this cruelty to stop and our lives restored. No women should ever be left homeless after they paid for a home - not in a civilized society.

Conscience is doubtless sufficient to conduct the coldest character into the road of virtue; but enthusiasm is to conscience what honor is to duty; there is in us a superfluity of soul, which it is sweet to consecrate to the beautiful when the good has been accomplished.~ Madame de Stael