Sunday, June 5, 2011

And The Thunder Rolls

It feels so good when the sun shines and storm clouds appear.Yet you can still see the sunshine through the clouds, and you can see blue sky behind them. It makes for picture perfection; slow rain, nice cool weather in the 70's and mountain air.
We seem to be lacking the slow rain, except for a light drizzle that just managed to put a wet surface on everything before stopping.

It makes the day even more delightful when you have had a good nights sleep without migraines. Last night I didn't want the afternoon to end or nightfall to come because I felt so good. Feeling good means getting to work, making up for lost time. As nightfall came I became frustrated not because I was so ill, but because I needed as many hours of sunlight as I was migraine free. I wanted to ground school horses, train horses... be in the saddle while I had the physical ability. I wanted to get to work on that single-wide and barn .. I wanted to do everything because I felt so physically great. The fact that I had been so deathly ill only hours previous, or that I had so little sleep, didn't dampen the energy and enthusiasm I felt by just not feeling ill.

Yet nightfall wouldn't be held back, and I couldn't do everything I wanted to do while we had daylight.

They say that migraines are set off by "triggers." For myself the "trigger" went from the prolonged criminal court cases and the continual subpoena's that would make me so ill I couldn't get out of bed, to the house, the barn, of being left homeless in dire economic straits.

Today the very second my mind returned to being solely focused on the single-wide and barn the stress started to build up, and the pressure on my head increased. I again had to fight what I knew the end result was going to be. A violent migraine. The fact that time has always been my enemy, not only short term. Getting into a warm home before the winter weather arrives, trying to get my career back together. But in the long term, being able to spend time with my mother before she dies. An odyssey that has lasted over 3 years ~ and I am still no closer to having a home this winter or any winter.

The 3 yr old *Storm Cat x *Alydar filly was picked up by her new owners earlier this morning, and it's my understanding that JLS Dakota Gold has been sold or at least spoken for. Out of a seriously bad situation some good is coming forth.

I regard class differences as contrary to justice and, in the last resort, based on force.~ Albert Einstein