Friday, June 10, 2011

Wallow Fire

I can't believe how time is spinning out of control. Yesterday I was simply drained, a mere shadow of a human being.

I crawled into bed well before sunset and fell asleep, too exhausted to even take my clothes off. Everything I had planned to do was left undone. Everything everyone asked me to do simply didn't compute because I was beyond exhausted. Jan phoned and asked me to send the registration information for a horse, I couldn't even find the strength or mental presence to send one e-mail.
I kept apologizing to her, barely able to speak yet trying to explain that the stress of trying to get into a home and get the barn finished - of being half way through 2011 without any hope in sight - has really send me into a terrible exhausted state emotionally and physically.

I didn't open my eyes until midnight, with a bad migraine, then I couldn't go back to sleep. Today is the deadline for Robert Huckins to pay the measly $450+ per month for June but it's costing me three times that amount in health problems and days down due to being left homeless frantically trying to get into a home.No-one should be allowed to cause this level, and this length of damage to anyone and remain a free person. I have said it a hundred times, and said it with seriousness... Robert Huckins has been given 27 years in jail and he needs to be IN JAIL.
It is a slap in the face to have a convicted felon living in a comfortable home and suffering no consequences for his illegal and immoral behavior, while his victims are thrown aside with no consideration.

The Wallow wildfire is now 386,000-400,000 plus acres, has burned 30+ houses and is jeopardizing many more communities. This fire is far different than most wildfires for it has acquired a mind of it's own just raging out of control with no normal behavior that we see in wildfires. It's so terrible dangerous, a tragic situation. Praying for all involved in this disaster, especially the for fighters, hot shots and emergency crews who so selflessly risk their own lives.

Before you can inspire with emotion, you must be swamped with it yourself. Before you can move their tears, your own must flow. To convince them, you must yourself believe. ~ Winston Churchill