Friday, June 18, 2010

A Myriad Of Problems

But the primary one is financial. How can you buy the cargo containers without any money? This has been the on-going problem I faced when trying to buy a mobile home, modular, or anything livable.

Without the funds how can you start?

I would like to approach the courts and ask for an explanation of this bloody madness. I have so many questions I would like someone far more educated than myself to answer. Through the DA's office I was told that permission for Huckins to make and sell custom doors and cabinets out of his shop was in the works.

How is it that when Robert Huckins, a career criminal, say's that he CANNOT earn a living and pay his dues unless he is allowed to be in the career he was a criminal in - so he expects the courts to allow him to return to his career field OVER-RULING an existing felony plea bargain sentencing court order.

I cannot count the times I have said, Huckins not only stole the home, but my place of work. MY career is not within retail.. I can't make a living away from my career field WHILE HOMELESS that would give me the funds to recover an $82,200,00 loss. But if a victim needs to earn a living cliche's are given, "Oh, I wish I could earn a living at home."


Oh, I forget, I'm a victim not a criminal with all of these "rights."


The probation officer telephoned my daughter and said that Robert Huckins had to pay me $ 450+ on the 10th of June, 2010. The FIRST of many payments.
Yet I never received any money ... and here we are 8 days later and not a dime to be seen.

I'm somewhat of a curious person. Little things like this I notice. The fact that we held the plea bargain, sentencing & restitution hearing in March 2010, after MANY ridiculous delays, and we are still sat in limbo in June 2010 doesn't make me jump up and down with unbridled enthusiasm and faith in our judicial system.

Just to remind you..

By Bruce Daniels - ABQnewsSeeker
Thursday, 25 September 2008 01:55

Man arrested Saturday was awaiting trial on two other cases of alleged fraud.

Lincoln County contractor Robert M. Huckins, who is awaiting trial in two cases of fraud and embezzlement, was arrested Saturday in connection with the alleged embezzlement of $80,000 involving a local resident, the Ruidoso News reported.

Huckins is scheduled to stand trial on three charges of fraud and one of embezzlement on Oct. 28, and a trial is pending in another case involving one count of second-degree felony fraud, five third-degree fraud counts and fourth degree count, the News reported.

"He was under a court order as a condition of release from jail on those charges not to contract for any more jobs," Assistant District Attorney Sandra Burson told the paper.

Court records show that Huckins has been involved in several civil cases since 1999, some of which are pending, according to the News.

And the state Taxation and Revenue Department in April 2002 sought a restraining order to prohibit Huckins from doing business as Cabinet Craft, an order which still stands, a department spokesman told the News.

"We'd like to hear from people who think Mr. Huckins defrauded them, even if they have contacted us before," Burson told the paper. "They can contact me at (575) 648-2383."

Huckins has operated under the names Cabinet Craft and Concept Pros, according to Burson.

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I think it's time for me to get a little tougher than I have ever been before.

IF the State of New Mexico CANNOT make convicted felons pay the restitution then it needs to STOP accepting plea bargains because of the restitution. If Robert Huckins claims that he cannot repay the money back then he needs to go STRAIGHT to jail without passing go.
Three years of going through the continual courtroom games is too long for a homeless victim, and the state should be thoroughly ashamed that they have allowed it to happen.
No money.. PUT HIM IN JAIL!

I have until August 2nd to be IN a home of some type, and that home had better be on the land my mother bought, in the county I have resided in for most of my adult life.

If there is no accountability to be had in the pitiful government structure in New Mexico some leaders may expect me to land on their doorstep in the near future.

"A system founded on injustices never lasts" - Seneca