Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave...

Over the past three years, ever since I hired Robert Huckins to build a home and horse barn, I kept all correspondence with all parties involved.

By doing so it gave me accurate records, verbatim conversations, and it gave me an insight on how quickly people can be deceived even when faced with a career criminal still trying to con each and every person in his path..
The con game continues.

In the March 2010 sentencing and restitution hearing criminal defense attorney Todd Holmes said, "There is not a pot of gold."

There may not be a pot of gold, but I GUARANTEE that there is a LOT of money hidden somewhere, whether that be in investments, property, cash or a bank. That I have NO doubt. To even try to tell me differently is to ask me to start singing "Don't it make my brown eyes blue."

In September/October 2008 Robert Huckins was arrested, by Officer John Barnes, for felony fraud and embezzlement in MY case, having been given 30 days to return the money in August or face being arrested and felony charges filed.
Robert Huckins offered to return the money and told 3 investigators - in a recorded interview - that he didn't need 30 days to return it.

Yet he sat in jail for weeks on a $100k CASH only bond.

Because he didn't show his hand by coming up with the money everyone was convinced that he didn't have the money.

But he did.

In fact he had walked out of the Wells Fargo bank with $110k in JULY 2008. He withdrew the money KNOWING that the white collar crime investigators were closing in on him.

EXACTLY what he knew would happen DID happen. A second judge felt sorry for him, dropped the 100k cash only bond the first judge placed on him, and released him - in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas I believe.

( When I found out that he had been released I said, "The courts have JUST ensured that I will never see my mother's money - ever again - and sealed our fate.)

This man will push the envelope. He's ignored the IRS, NM State Tax & Revenue, CID, Judge's order one after another. He has always bet on the fact that the law works if someone fears punishment, but if you don't fear punishment the law of the land often can be disarmed, and people can assume something that simply isn't true. For example.. that the money has gone.

And why is Sylvi being ignored as though she is an innocent party in the fraud and embezzlement because she is far from innocent. It was SYLVI HUCKINS who originally looked me directly in the face in June 2008 and refused to return my mothers money, or finish building my mothers home.

Which leads to the obvious question. "Where did the money go?"

I hate repeating myself but I think it's a valid question.

Victim Ted Conley had a $25,000 judgment or thereabouts against Robert Huckins. He didn't GET the money but he did get a judgment.

Victim Francis McKinney had a $45,000 judgment or thereabouts against Robert Huckins. She didn't GET the money but she did get a judgment.

Victim Dorothy McKeever had an $87,000 judgment or thereabouts against Robert Huckins. She got 2 payments, he filed bankruptcy, and her lawyer told her that those checks - a total of $200 - may have to be repaid BACK to Robert Huckins.

The domestic violence shelter, H-E-A-L, had approx. $35,000, if not more, stolen by Robert Huckins.

Victim Nancy Canning lost at LEAST $65,000 and perhaps two or three times that amount, because her's is a confusing case. It may be over $200k for all we know.

Dana Dildene, unknown amount.

Sally Canning & Dr. Browns cases have not yet been heard in the restitution hearing so we won't know what their losses are until those hearings are completed. These are the two other felony cases.

My mother - $82,200,00.

These are the notable cases, and there is no way we can total up the whole because victims lost from $500 to $10,000 and were never recorded in court cases, civil or criminal. The list is endless, everywhere one turns you meet victim, after victim and the given sums v
ary from the trivial to the "ouch."

The money didn't go for building permits, or employee payroll, because the employee's for the most part were given bad checks. Neither was the money used to finish building projects because I have yet to find any building project that Huckins ever finished.

This is an awful lot of money for someone driving around in a beaten up, old, station wagon, living hand to mouth, with a home that has been let slip into such disrepair that it is falling down around their heads, furnished with items others have thrown away, refusing to pay their bills.

And who spoke of NOTHING else but returning to the South of France to permanently reside.

Justice consists not in being neutral between right and wrong, but in finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found, against the wrong. - Theodore Roosevelt.