Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Lemonade

I am simply amazed at how many books and articles have been written about being homeless.

Girl’s Guide to Homelessness
Survival Guide to Homelessness
The Art of Non-Conformity.. On being Homeless.

There is a veritable wealth of information, a cottage industry in itself, surrounding the "Art" of being homeless.

I miss the "little" things. Like being able to work in my career field, cook a meal, have my grand-children visit me, know where my possessions are, watch my mother walk into the kitchen mumbling something.
I miss having a bathroom, or a wardrobe to hang my clothes in. I miss normalcy, I miss "life."

There are some positives in all of this.

I don't have to worry about cleaning the windows, gardening, cleaning the bathrooms or ironing my clothes. I rarely even have to worry about putting make up on these days. If I can find something to wear that is clean and ready to wear I feel blessed. And I never have guests arriving to stay with me anymore.

I hear people say, "I would like to simplify" and I smile, give a wink and say, "Hire Robert & Sylvi Huckins and they will teach you how to simplify."

But it's bad form to leave people homeless in a ski resort. The winters are just not conducive to making lemonade out of lemons.

If you are going to be homeless make sure that it's on the Mediterranean, or in the Bahama's.

And I'm sure it is a lot more adventurous if you are younger and in good health, adventures can be a bit taxing on us "old folks."

If I was a lot younger I wouldn't mind not knowing where I was going to sleep next week, or by winter. Things like "where do I send my mail" or "how do I get the arthritis under control" wasn't part of the equation 40 years ago. I was too busy looking over the next hill or around the next bend, excited by life and all that was to come.

I never even thought my mother would ever grow old, let alone that a day would arrive when I would look in the mirror and see her looking back at me.

Homelessness and age don't fare well together. This is a young woman's game. So in the middle of winter, as the snow falls, it appears that I'm going to do exactly what Robert Huckins does...

I'm going to be dreaming of the South of France and the Mediterranean. ;-)

Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny - Edward Burke