Monday, June 21, 2010

Getting Back What Was Lost

Is the hardest task any victim of felony fraud & embezzlement, of this magnitude, can face.
Justice seems an unobtainable in a system fraught with so many injustices that it has simply devours each and every victim. It is tantamount to chasing an illusion.

I have been a professional writer all of my adult life, but for the most part I have remained within the area I specialize in. The horse industry.

I have always considered writing fiction, but the words and motivation never came so the task seemed daunting to me. Forced enthusiasm doesn't produce good works in any area of life. It must come from the heart, from deep within.

My mother has been my greatest, and ONLY, literary fan. She pushed, shoved, encouraged, complained. It is a bitter-sweet topic for her.
Years ago she took final draft manuscripts, works already published nationwide or internationally, to a university professor and asked his advice. She was so thoroughly convinced that within me there was a writer who could produce fiction.
I don't even read fiction, let alone write it.

And true, I didn't always get paid to produce equine genetic, equine training or promotional marketing articles. I produced them for not-for-profits, breed associations, registries, business friends - anyone who asked.

Over the week-end I thought an awful lot about my mother. It suddenly dawned on me that when she said, "You lost your way, you should write," she wasn't criticizing the dozens of articles published each year. She was telling me to write for a living.
Which took me back to fiction.

I couldn't even start to guess how far my attempt will take me. I don't know if I have the skills. But I have the motivation and desire. I can't show my mother the home she purchased from years of hard work and financial diligence.

But I can try to write the long overdue book that she was so thoroughly convinced I could write....

"Cherish yesterday, Dream tomorrow. Live today."