Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Go West Young Man, Go West!

Of course, if you are near the west coast you need to go east. If you go west you may end up in Alaska. They may shoot bloody thieves there.

New Mexico needs to hire me as their new PR person. As the recession deepens I advice all the thieves in the US and beyond to "Come to New Mexico where opportunity abounds!"

This is what WE can offer you in a package rarely found in any other state...

We can offer you years of unobstructed career opportuni
ties because it takes the powers that be at least ten years to figure out that you truly do mean others harm..

They will have to meditate and levitate on the facts for that long.

Don't want to work? NO PROBLEM! Just give yourself a company or corporation name and New Mexico is your oyster!

Can't afford to hire employee's? Oh yes, you can... just give them bad checks and tell them to go away. After all, they should be tickled pink to hav
e such a chance to be working for such a master of the con game. THEY should be paying YOU for goodness sakes!

If your state is enforcing draconian laws
New Mexico will be the Land of Enchantment that will certainly enchant you!

If you are worried about law enforcement... NO PROBLEM!

If you are worried about the courts... NO PROBLEM!

If you are worried about punishment... NO PROBLEM!

If you are worried about having to give stolen money back... NO PROBLEM!

If you are worried about paying a debt to society... NO PROBLEM!

If you are worried about the victims actually seeing justice... NO PROBLEM!

If you are worried about losing YOUR home... NO PROBLEM!

New Mexico issues licenses to cheat, steal, rob and plunder because New Mexico believes that the American dream should be available to all - thieves included - so if you see someone have a dream you yourself want JUST TAKE IT!

With ZERO victim rights New Mexico has replaced the "Scales of justice," "Lady Justice" and "Lady Liberty" with "Dysonmia," "Ate" and "Adikia."

In this state we wear victims down, treat them with apathy and walk on their rights and in doing so we PROTECT YOURS.. what can be better than that?

And when the victims no longer have the energy to go forward, when they are homeless, penniless and distraught with worry about how they can get back on their feet, and hold a family together, we will help YOU show them how "Dysonmia," "Ate" and "Adikia" work in living colour!"An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere" - Samuel Johnson