Saturday, February 18, 2012

Prisoner Of Crime

It had snowed only a little during the night but it was so cold. I took the dogs outside at 5 am and the ice looked like silver trimmings against the darkness. I was so exhausted yesterday I fell asleep early and ~ thankfully~ the dogs allowed me to sleep. Last night was the very first time I have gone into a deep sleep in weeks. I really needed it. staying up all night may be fine when you are young, but at my age it's a killer.

Even after 9.30 am I was so cold I could barely move my fingers, and my feet were frozen. This type of damp cold goes right to the bone. I had to be in Capitan fairly early but I kept dragging my feet ~ even knowing that the truck was the warmest place I could be.

I was covered in mud, the truck was covered in mud, inside and out. I didn't have a blanket, or sheet, or pair of jeans, or one iota of clothing that isn't covered in mud. I looked at my hands and sighed. Homeless doesn't come in "clean." It comes in various degree's of dirty... but it's never "clean."
This is the price of crime, and we seem to be the ones that has to pay it..not the criminal.!
The temperature had risen by the time I got to Capitan and it was simply beautiful by the time I reached Nogal. In the lower 50's but sunny and clear. Jan gave me an old microwave that the posse had used and I was thrilled to bit to be able to have....

Hot coffee......
I had two cans of soup that I could not heat after the microwave broke, and for the first time in a month I had a warm lunch.

Sadly, as soon as I used the microwave it blew out the electric circuit in the shed.

If this degree of homelessness is happening across the nation how did the judicial system expect me to recover from a criminal who has hidden our building fund and refuses to tell anyone where it is? Or isn't that relevant? I keep asking them, yet they refuse to respond. That won't top me from keeping asking for their intervention. All I have left.. is time.

See him cuddled in the shadows
Sleepin' on his cardboard bed
Using rags for a pillow
Where he lays his unwashed head
His blanket's old newspaper
Not much good against the snow
See so many like him out there
When you walk the night patrol
When you walk the night patrol

Oh, you wonder where he came from
Where he's gonna go
Was it a woman or a bottle?
That's brought him down so low
What's happened to his family?
Do they know he's out here in the cold?
He's just a nameless soldier
Marching on the night patrol
Marching on the night patrol

Like that girl on the corner
She can't be more than seventeen
She's run away from somewhere
Taking nothing but her dreams
Now those dreams are lying shattered
As the street exacts its toll
And she's just another victim
Lost out on the night patrol

Oh, you could ask me why I'm out here
Where do I fit into the scene?
Now I'm drawing unemployment
Got replaced by a machine
And I'm tortured by my bad habits
Sometimes, I lose this struggle to control
And the street has its attractions
When you walk the night patrol
When you walk the night patrol

~Night Patrol, the Robert Clay Band

As I look across the nation my heart simply bleeds with anguish. Each person who doesn't have a home is a valuable human being, and there is only one guarantee. And that is ~ God is watching.

There has to be someone related to Robert & Sylve Huckins must have some means to reach them, if it be Michael Huckins, Dr.Kenneth Ogilvie ( Diana Huckins? Dominic Huckins? Malcolm Huckins? ) or Patricia Ogilvie-Huckins and get them to return ALL of the money they stole from us so that I can buy a home and get our lives back. I am begging anyone in this family for help.

I don't believe I have EVER witnessed any none vio
lent crime that can be as devastating as stealing someone's home. I am walking in Dorothy McKeevers footsteps, day by day, month by month, year by year.

Liam Griffin, I sat in your law office with two witnesses as you gave me your promise, your guarantee, that our money would be returned before harm came to us.

Patricia Ogilvie-Huckins you were present the day I signed contract with your son. You walked out of the kitchen with Sylve Huckins and your son introduced me to you. He told you that I was the British horse trainer he had told you about, the one he was going to build the home and barn for. Why didn't you say something? There may be a rational and reasonable explanation but I have spent over 3 years, homeless, not understanding it. I understand it even less knowing that though I was a total stranger, both Dorothy McKeever and Sally Canning you KNEW, and you knew what your son had done to them and others.

Dr. Kenneth Ogilvie, I contacted you and simply asked f
or a reference, not knowing that Robert Huckins was your cousin. Robert Huckins had just stolen over $30,000 from the domestic violence shelter, HEAL, yet everyone was trying to hide it. There was a history of stealing large amounts of money. $65,000 PLUS from Nancy Canning. $89,000 PLUS from Dorothy McKeever, $45,000 from Francis McKinney. The list just goes on and on and on.
Because of Robert Huckins I ended up paying
$140,000 to be homeless.. sat in the cold, emotionally, physically and financially broke. In the middle of a recession, with no way to recover the stolen funds.

Today Robert Huckins has his own home...
He also has OUR home.....
He also has a lot of people's money...
And his freedom.

Women are not banks or loan institutions. Women should not be the source of a retirement fund for people who don't want to do an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. Holding women hostage while playing with the judicial system, a horrendous game of cat and mouse extending YEARS, with the victims whose very homes, families and stability are in jeopardy is cruelty, as cruel as a physical beating. It is financial and emotional RAPE. Homelessness is not justice. It is a slow, painful death.
Please, I beg with everything I have within me, pl
ease convince Robert Huckins to stop this torture and return the building fund he stole from us so we too, can have a home.

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