Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Heartaches Continue

I'm long past trying to figure out what is happening. The weather is simply gorgeous and I should be enthusiastically working on my home and barn.
But that isn't happening.

After my daughters Yorkie, Lucy, died I found a breeder of miniature Yorkie's and a 6 month old puppy was purchased. Which was about 3 weeks ago.

Lilly, the new puppy whom my daughter fell in love with, died yesterday of medical complications after contracting parvo and days of intensive medical care. I was devastated for my daughter and grand-children. Thoroughly devastated.

It's such a complicated mess with the breeder saying things that are not exactly true, and the deception causing complications. My daughter is correct, had the truth been forthcoming Lilly would probably be alive today.

After babysitting the very ill puppy and my grand-children yesterday I drove away only to break down in my truck. The inevitable was bound to happen and it chose in the midst of chaos to happen.

My 6 yr old grand-daughter asked me a question yesterday that I could find no answer to. "Why?"

"Why do bad things keep happening grandma? "

"I don't know sweetheart" didn't seem the epitome of wisdom, but the reality is, I don't know.

If I lived to be 100 years I wouldn't know.

I know that we are in the latter days. But I would like the rapture to happen TODAY, preferably before I turn my attention towards my home again. Before I go to bed tonight would suit me fine.

Where there is love, there is pain. ~ Spanish proverb