Sunday, February 13, 2011

When Bizarre Becomes Normal

I have a 12 inch tv with a DVD player.For days I have been trying to find the remote control. I can't find it anywhere. Last night I fought a shocking migraine and while trying to stop it from going from bad to worse I tried to focus on... the remote control. A desperate attempt to practice mind over matter.

In the midst of throbbing eyes, nausea and blurred vision I tried to think of where that remote control could have gone to. In the end I had no alternative but to draw an awful conclusion. Copper was laid on it when she died, and it went out of the shed between Copper and the blanket.

It sounds bizarre, but when you are sat in a small shed in someone's back yard with no room to move, all of your belongings piled ceiling high, deathly ill.. well, bizarre becomes normal.
Still, I just cannot believe that I didn't think of this before Copper was buried. I was just kicking myself with frustration.

Earlier in the late afternoon I parked my truck, still loaded down with bales of alfalfa, behind this shed and stood in awe as the elk cows and one bull wondered up to my truck to feed on the green high quality hay.
Had I not been so ill I would have tried to creep outside and take close up photographs of the magnificent animals. For the past 3 winters it hasn't taken much to get the herd of elk to come to the shed to steal the hay from the horses, but this is the very first time they have wondered close to the street, closer to residences, ignoring barking dogs and the coming and going of neighbors.

With a high of 62 degrees by 1pm this has turned into the most glorious day. So refreshing, so clean and clear. The snow is melting at a rapid speed and if we can be guided by any semblance of "normal" I'd say that we can see spring on the horizon..
I, for one, will welcome her with enthusiasm.

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush. ~ Doug Larson