Monday, February 21, 2011

Upside Down, Inside Out...

The day started out with my losing my truck keys.

The day actually never ended for me because yesterday afternoon I crawled into bed with a migraine that felt like a football was being kicked around inside my head, and I remained awake all night trying to deal with nausea and blurred vision.
Sleep simply wouldn't come.
I managed to drag myself to work, still with a migraine and still unable to focus, and quickly realized that I had lost my truck keys. It's terribly hard pretending that you are not ill, even harder when the panic of not being able to find your keys sets in. And you have to drive to town.

It is so dark inside this shed I came into the shed with a flashlight and turned the place upside down. I emptied every single garbage bag and went through all the garbage. I started unpacking boxes thinking that the keys may have fallen into a box.

Violently ill I had no option but to go to bed and try to sleep for an hour.

By 2 pm I was back searching. I turned the truck inside out. Went through washing, dirty clothes and clean clothes, went through every coat and jean pocket. The migraine just started to get worse.

By 3 pm my daughter arrived to take me to Capitan where I had left the spare keys to my truck. No, I actually "lost" the spare keys to my truck some weeks ago and I never had a chance to pick them up. So we drove the 13 miles to Capitan.

I took Rio, and my purse. I was so ill and so frustrated I now turned towards Rio firmly believing that she had stolen my keys. I deducted that the horse hair tassels on the key ring would seem like a toy to her. So she was the culprit who was causing me so much drama.

30 minutes after returning from running errands, less than an hour after returning from Capitan with the "spare" keys.. I found the missing keys.
In my purse.

If dogs could talk Rio would be demanding an apology.

Forty is the old age of youth, fifty is the youth of old age. ~ Hosea Ballou