Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Heavenly Father & The ACLU

Last night at 1 am I woke up, not a slow sleepy awakening, but a wide awake reaction to severe pain. Reeling with a violent migraine and feeling ghastly I tried to sit up to write this blog, but unable to see the keyboard or even sit up, I crawled back into bed simply furious with God, and the ACLU. Furious because I can't keep this from mum forever yet mortified at what the reaction will be when she finds out, terrified that she may now find out.

Am re-trying in case this has got lost in space!
Your mum is pressing me, she will worry if I she thinks I can't get hold of you - please can you reply asap?
Love Jackie x

So my thoughts, in desperation, turned to God, and the ACLU in that order. To put it in simple terms.. where ARE you both?

I know that You created the heavens and the earth, so why couldn't you protect my mothers money? Robert Huckins couldn't con You, for You know what is going to happen. So why couldn't You protect my family?

Because right now it's starting to look like my ONLY source has decided not to bother with this problem. What has become insurmountable to me wouldn't take You any effort to resolve. Yet you leave me here struggling and I'm starting to feel like a mouse stuck in a mouse trap, begging You to spare my mother this nightmare - pleading for a resolve before she found out. I'm supposed to be YOUR child for goodness sakes.
I didn't need an army of help, or competent law enforcers, judges, lawyers. I only needed YOU. How can a loving God be this cruel?

And the ACLU, civil rights and human rights for law abiding people are decreasing while you spend your time worrying about criminals. You need to take a walk on the wild side of "victims rights" for THAT is where all the action is. Or lack of.
What is really sad is that the majority of those on the right wing TRULY believe that the United States is enlightened when it comes to freedoms, justice, human rights, civil right. Yet it's actually one of the worst human and civil rights violators in the western world.

I am getting really tired of praying without acknowledgment. I'm tired of been cold and so ill, with my health declining this fast. I am tired of worrying about everyone else, diligently trying to protect my mother. I'm tired of helping everyone, yet my own pain and stress being ignored. I'm just plain tired. And it's about time I said so directly to those who could have resolved this injustice.

The road that is built in hope is more pleasant to the traveler than the road built in despair, even though they both lead to the same destination. ~ Marion Zimmer Bradley