Monday, February 28, 2011

12 Degree's...

It was 12 degree's when I woke up, and I was frozen solid and very stiff. My toes have disappeared again under the block of ice I'm confident has been around my feet all night. But 12 degree's with no wind is a whole different world than 30 degree's with gale force winds. The stillness is so welcoming after a night of trying to cover myself with blankets to get away from the bitter cold wind howling through this shed.

During the night several raccoon and skunk tried to join me, and their scrambling around sent my packed boxes of belongings falling everywhere. In the middle of the night, without any available light, I tried to get the boxes somewhat arranged. So I could at least get out in an emergency.

Two days ago my grand-son, not yet old enough to go to school, told me not to worry because he's going to build a tree house for me. He went into detail before asking, "Grandma, are you proud of me?" I certainly was proud of him. His plans may have been as do-able as this single wide has ever been, as putting the roof on the barn has been.

How I wish I could have the mind of a 3 yr old and wonder off into make belief where problems that have been insurmountable for years are resolved by our imagination.

By 10.30am the temperature soared to a wild and dizzy 57 degrees and it was simply gorgeous.
We have such crystal blue skies at this elevation and today the sky was awesome.
Is winter over yet? Is this now spring.. and dare I hope when all hope has gone so many times.
I want the person I was 3 years ago back again.. I want energy, health, motivation, hope, my mother, my family intact and all the dreams I dare dream.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. ~ Albert Einstein