Monday, February 14, 2011

Pre-Spring Fever

It may be a little early to be thinking "Spring Fever" .. but I am hoping that the serious winter weather is now in the rear view mirror. A few days of glorious weather is forecast and my mind returns to the land, the trailer, the barn, and the building material I have sat there waiting to be used. Trying to get anything done that would make this property livable before mid-summer.

At the Lazy J today is was simply fabulous. Jan looked towards the mountain ridge and commented on how beautiful the day was. After this winter it was like a breath of fresh air. The heavy in foal mares rubbed up against me trying to get attention, just as happy as we humans to see sunshine and warmth.

Yesterday I tried to return to writing on the book but I ended up going to bed early in the evening with a terrible migraine, a migraine that I woke up with and doesn't seem to want to leave even though the pain has subsided considerably. There has to be a reason for these constant migraines, and an answer to rid myself of them.

My cousin found this blog, and for a brief period my heart was in my mouth horrified that my mother would be told and I would be faced with the absolute unthinkable, but that didn't happen. Instead the response was shock, but a sincere promise to keep it all from my mother.
This is beyond anything any human being should have to face alone, but this type of misery doesn't need the company of an 80+ year old with a nervous disposition, who doesn't have the means to resolve it, and who can only be harmed by the knowledge.

OMG Denise, I have read the blog...what an absolutely terrible thing to happen, you must be devastated and so so tired of having to fight. How can people like him live with themselves, why would anyone want to profit from other peoples misery. He's lucky he only had bullet holes in his truck, it's a wonder someone hasn't shot him !!. You should have taken all your stuff and moved in with them until he paid up. I can't understand (like you) how he's been allowed to get away with it. I don't think that would be the case here to be honest and you certainly wouldn't have been without a roof over your head. People here complain that there are a lot of rules and regulations but it certainly keeps the bad boys more in line.
I wouldn't dream of upsetting your Mum with this.

My cousin suggested that I move in with Robert & Sylvi Huckins until they either repay me the money, or fess up as to where they have hidden it. That is actually not a bad idea. Why didn't I think of it?

If the judicial system believes that it would be inhumane to take the home of a felony career criminal, but doesn't think that leaving the victims of the same criminals without a home is inhumane, they surely couldn't object to these thieves "sharing" their home?

Today is my youngest daughter's birthday, and though I can't reach her by phone I do wish her a wonderful birthday and a bright future ahead!

I heard a thousand blended notes, While in a grove I sate reclined, In that sweet mood when pleasant thoughts, Bring sad thoughts to the mind. To her fair works did Nature link, The human soul that through me ran; And much it grieved my heart to think,What Man has made of Man. ~William Wordsworth