Monday, August 15, 2011

Take Two Tablets.......

While feeding "No-Name" before sunrise I wondered if this was going to be another day in bed debilitated by a serious migraine. I felt so ill I took medication before I walked outside. Thankfully the migraine had disappeared by 10.30 am.

The 40-50 degree temperatures at night are starting to feel so damp and chilly, and more than a little scary. It would be a comfortable late summer if I resided in a house, but a shed is a totally different situation. I am bewildered at how I managed to survive "minus" 25 degree weather last winter, with no heat or creature comforts, when 40+ degree weather is already settling in my lungs and making me ache. I am not getting any younger, that is for sure.
Before noon the rain clouds and thunder came over the Sierra Blanca, but it brought so little rain.Shortly after our building fund was stolen someone suggested that I go work for a manic depressive, in a live-in situation. It was such an unbelievable suggestion that it left me with my mouth wide open. I work with animals, not people. I have a mother to worry about, and a career, $140,000 spend on a home and barn that don't exist, and the thought of anyone already under immense stress of this degree trying to cope with someone suffering from manic depression was beyond bizarre.
One of us may end up committing suicide, and it would probably be me.

Yet today I seriously considered how long I could cope with an 87 yr old while sleeping in a shed, going crazy trying to get into a home.

A carpet cleaning company was supposed to arrive at 12.20 am. They never arrived. At 1 pm. I asked my boss where they could be and was told that "someone" had left a message but he didn't know who. I asked for the phone number of the carpet cleaning company and was told that he didn't know it. The name? Didn't know it.

I started phoning every single carpet cleaning company in the region. No-one had a scheduled booking. I returned to ask my boss if he could get the number off the caller ID. He said that the company had left a message saying that they would arrive between 1 pm and 3 pm, but he had deleted the message and didn't have the phone number.

I explained that I wanted to pick my grand-children up at 3 pm. At which point I was told that if I didn't stay I "may" lose my job. I was simply furious, and had I a home to go to I would have gone right home. But I don't have a home. I have a shed, and a shed that depends upon my working here. From 3 pm to 4 pm my boss was on the phone, stopping all calls from coming through.

I finally drove to Ruidoso after 4 pm to get him some ribs and as I drove away I phoned him to see if anyone from the carpet cleaning company contacted him before he had decided to spend an hour on the phone.
I could have spit nails when he said, "No, they didn't phone me but that's Ruidoso for you. They don't do what they promise to do. But I do have the phone number if you want to call them and find out when they are coming."


I actually have a GREAT boss and I feel blessed to have him during this awful time. I couldn't wish for anyone more understanding when it comes to my constant illnesses.

Today would have been an hilarious comedy of errors had I not been homeless and terrified. But today was one of those days when he acted like an 87 year old, and I acted like a 57 year old homeless woman. And I think at 87 years old some thing simply don't register. Things like women sleeping outside in the cold weather, flies, mud, mold or the panic struck worry about a home, or missing your mother ... or desperately wanting your life and career back. It's virtually impossible to understand the terror of homelessness.... unless you are the homeless person.

I am really starting to panic, am so depressed... and well, please Lord, make this torment end.

Someone related to Robert & Sylve Huckins must have some means to reach them, if it be Michael Huckins, Dr.Kenneth Ogilvie ( Diana Huckins? Dominic Huckins? Malcolm Huckins? ) or Patricia Ogilvie-Huckins. I, like those victims who came before me, have been dragged through a living hell and I simply beg for your mercy. I can't obtain a home until Robert Huckins returns the money he stole from us that was to buy a home. Had he given the money back when he promised the white collar crime investigators I wouldn't be making this plea today. Had he never stolen any money I wouldn't be making this plea today. But he pushes the abuse and torment to an extent where no alternatives are offered. I am homeless and I want to see my mum and return to my career, so I won't stop asking if I have to ask every single day until I die. Robert Huckins gave no-one an alternative, so I plead with sincerity for your mercy.
Today Robert Huckins has his own home...
He also has OUR home.....
He also has a lot of people's money...
And his freedom.

I have NOTHING but the continual cruelty and torment of being homeless.

The fundamental rights of [humanity] are, first: the right of habitation; second, the right to move freely; third, the right to the soil and subsoil, and to the use of it; fourth, the right of freedom of labor and of exchange; fifth, the right to justice; sixth, the right to live within a natural national organization; and seventh, the right to education. ~ Albert Schweitzer