Friday, March 16, 2012

Why Don't You?

I'm sure it was nice outside this morning but I didn't see very much of it. I tossed and turned simply frantic all night, simply mortified at the financial dilemma I am in and don't know how to resolve. By sun-up I was in a cold sweat, feeling deathly ill.

Rio went out of the shed, and immediately started raising Cain because my bosses son was around the side of the shed. I called her in and went into hiding.

This entire situation has stunned me into the worst roller coaster of emotions and thrown me into total confusion. Every single thing I have tried has backfired right before the 12 hr.

The stolen money he promised to return. He hid. The courts I had so much faith in.. became null and void. The volunteers who were going to help became caught up in gossip that held no truth - nor rhythm or reason. The single wide trailer was shut down by CID. The little bit of stability I clung onto trying to get our property sorted out crumbles in my hand. The work I could do, demands that I do it at home.. and I'm still homeless.
This has been beyond anything I have ever seen in my life, and now,if I don't find a stop gap, I am heading into the worst financial disaster anyone could ever imagine.
And all I have been able to get is, "Why don't you?"

I phoned my ex-boss, to see if it was safe for me to leave the shed. He sounded like a whipped puppy, saying that this was the most un-happy place on the face of the earth. I have to agree.. this is just misery.

As the hours passed I just became sicker and sicker. In the late afternoon I managed to get to Nogal, but barely made it back to Alto.

I am now in a situation where I have no option but to start selling all the building supplies that I saved up to buy, and all of my equipment - everything I own. Just to survive, just to keep going..treading water. But if it's as successful as my attempts to sell the land I despair at what is going to happen. I am devastated.
And I question WHY the 12th District have asked me to support a convicted felon when they knew the consequences. Why don't they READ the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Canadian John Peters Humphrey was called upon by the United Nations Secretary-General to work on the project and became the Declaration's principal drafter.[6] At the time Humphrey was newly appointed as Director of the Division of Human Rights within the United Nations Secretariat.[7] The Commission on Human Rights, a standing body of the United Nations, was constituted to undertake the work of preparing what was initially conceived as an International Bill of Rights.[8] The membership of the Commission was designed to be broadly representative of the global community with representatives of the following countries serving: Australia, Belgium, Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, Chile, China, Egypt, France, India, Iran, Lebanon, Panama, Philippines, United Kingdom, United States, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Uruguay and Yugoslavia.[8] Well known members of the Commission included Eleanor Roosevelt of the United States, who was the Chairperson, Jacques Maritain, René Cassin and Stéphane Hessel of France, Charles Malik of Lebanon, and P. C. Chang of the Republic of China, among others. Humphrey provided the initial draft which became the working text of the Commission.

According to Globalizing Family Values, the Declaration's pro-family phrases were the result of the Christian Democratic movement's influence on Cassin and Malik.[9]

Article 25

(1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

There has to be someone related to Robert & Sylve Huckins must have some means to reach them, if it be Michael Huckins, Dr.Kenneth Ogilvie ( Diana Huckins? Dominic Huckins? Malcolm Huckins? ) or Patricia Ogilvie-Huckins and get them to return ALL of the money they stole from us so that I can buy a home and get our lives back. I am begging anyone in this family for help.

I don't believe I have EVER witnessed any none vio
lent crime that can be as devastating as stealing someone's home. I am walking in Dorothy McKeevers footsteps, day by day, month by month, year by year.

Liam Griffin, I sat in your law office with two witnesses as you gave me your promise, your guarantee, that our money would be returned before harm came to us.

Patricia Ogilvie-Huckins you were present the day I signed contract with your son. You walked out of the kitchen with Sylve Huckins and your son introduced me to you. He told you that I was the British horse trainer he had told you about, the one he was going to build the home and barn for. Why didn't you say something? There may be a rational and reasonable explanation but I have spent over 3 years, homeless, not understanding it. I understand it even less knowing that though I was a total stranger, both Dorothy McKeever and Sally Canning you KNEW, and you knew what your son had done to them and others.

Dr. Kenneth Ogilvie, I contacted you and simply a
sked for a reference, not knowing that Robert Huckins was your cousin. Robert Huckins had just stolen over $30,000 from the domestic violence shelter, HEAL, yet everyone was trying to hide it. There was a history of stealing large amounts of money. $65,000 PLUS from Nancy Canning. $89,000 PLUS from Dorothy McKeever, $45,000 from Francis McKinney. The list just goes on and on and on.
Because of Robert Huckins I ended up paying
$140,000 to be homeless.. sat in the cold, emotionally, physically and financially broke. In the middle of a recession, with no way to recover the stolen funds.

Today Robert Huckins has his own home...
He also has OUR home.....
He also has a lot of people's money...
And his freedom.

Women are not banks or loan institutions. Women should not be the source of a retirement fund for people who don't want to do an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. Holding women hostage while playing with the judicial system, a horrendous game of cat and mouse extending YEARS, with the victims whose very homes, families and stability are in jeopardy is cruelty, as cruel as a physical beating. It is financial and emotional RAPE. Homelessness is not justice. It is a slow, painful death.
Please, I beg with everything I have within me, pl
ease convince Robert Huckins to stop this torture and return the building fund he stole from us so we too, can have a home.

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