Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside...

I'm singing "Baby it's cold outside" during the night and sleep really isn't coming easy. Tuesday night a wind storm almost blew the metal siding off this garden shed. Last night the temperature felt like the Antarctic and I spent most of the night wide awake trying to warm my feet.
Rio & Copper are diligently trying to do their job of trying to keep me warm, which is a blessing because the Bassel-Haggens & arthritis hurts too much for me to have a lot of heavy blankets over me. The most amazing thing is watching the dogs come as close to me as possible, and actually watch over me. Dogs know. They have such a strong desire to protect.

The application for the building permit was returned to me, because I forgot to put postage on the envelope. The fact that I would have thrown an envelope into the mailbox without postage isn't such a surprise ... the gray matter is frozen. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

I have not even been anywhere close to my property this week. I listened to the wind Tuesday night and I wondered how the trailer and metal roof could handle such powerful gusts. Fearing that the wind had blown into the trailer and caused further damage, or scattered the heavy roofing metal, I just couldn't bring myself to go for a look-see and face potential damage.
Right now I'm unsure that I could handle a heavy clean up job, physically or emotionally.

Other than that absolutely nothing is happening... and it's happening at the speed of a sloth on Librium.

This is such a strange situation to get caught up in. I try with a great deal of effort to remain upbeat and optimistic but I don't always manage it, and I can become downright angry and frustrated.

This is America, who would have ever guessed that such blatant injustices would be acceptable let alone tolerated without any embarrassment or shame. I still have not seen a dime of the $450+ due on or before the 10th of November but that doesn't mean that it wasn't paid and hasn't been delayed.

The wheels of American justice don't just turn slowly.. they are way off track.

But I just keep trying to get through this winter with the hope and prayer that something turns around, yet I can't deny that this is wearing on me.Where crime is taught from early years, it becomes a part of nature.- Ovid