Sunday, November 28, 2010

Matthew 24:6

I was so cold yesterday I never took my ski jacket off from sun-up to well after sunset and I crawled into bed. I started to rake pine needles, painted the chest of drawers some, helped my youngest daughter look at a few used saddles, and did all at the speed of a sloth on librium because I just couldn't get warm or stay warm. By early evening the wind had started up in earnest as another cold front came in. It felt like this metal shed was going to self destruct around me.

My youngest daughter, like myself, is plagued with violent migraines and she was barely able to utter a word without saying, "I can't get rid of this migraine." I asked her if she had any pain killers, but she refuses to take them because she can't swallow them nor keep them down.
Their state felt the destruction of the recession very early on, both lost their jobs almost 2 years ago and can't find full time work. I worry so about them.
It gets me so frustrated when people ask, "can't your kids help you financially" when I see both daughters struggling so, unable to meet their expenses, and having children in the home.

The middle class is slowly disappearing here in America. We are going to end up with the poor, and the rich and nothing in-between.

The world truly is in an upheaval. Social unrest and financial mayhem present in each nation:

We have America involved in two wars and if North Korea doesn't pull in it's horns and stop bombing Yeonpyeong Island and trying to intimidate the South Korean there will be a third. Riots prevail in Italy, Ireland, England, Greece and many more countries are in jeopardy. There is a stand of with Pakistan, Arabs wanting to air strike Iran, friction between the Chinese & Japanese over disputed waters and Wikileaks showing the dark side of international politics that will surely cause tension between allies. No-one is going to ignore the demeaning and disrespectful remarks towards almost every leader and every government. The EU debt is spiraling out of control. The Romania government cut the take home pay for teachers over 50%.. in a country where the pay was already painfully low. China & Russia have decided to renounce the US dollar and resort to using their own currencies for bilateral trade.. others will follow.

I used to think that the conservatives in America had the answers to the problems but having gone through the judicial system and seen more of the American government than I care to have seen, and watched the coldness around me, I know that they don't have the answer to anything. Sadly they can't see that reality.

One poster on the Ruidoso News Topix responded to the letter to the editor written by Jack Hemby about this ridiculous tax increase to provide funds for a billionaire that absolutely - without a shadow of doubt - sums up the America as I now see it.

"Games of Rich Folks

52 minutes ago

Who cares what you do or how you spend your pennies. I am rich and don't give a ****."

I know that we are facing perilous times and I know that these things must come to pass, but it disturbs me to see hearts hardened. To see those who claim Christ show no love of Christ. To see stealing, lying, embezzlement become acceptable careers both in the political arena and in society as a whole, including the church. To see the poor and vulnerable beaten down or ignored. And to excuse this behavior with irrational motivations provoked by self interest and unadulterated greed. I know that this must come to pass... I know that God must sift the chaff from the wheat, selecting only what He Himself planted, and what has rooted. But I don't like to see an entire nation proclaim to be a nation founded upon Jeudo-Christian belief's while embarking on a path that cannot be pleasing to God, and I don't have to like it. The consequences are going to be severe.

At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other... But he who stands firm to the end will be saved. - Matthew 24:10-16