Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On A Wing And A Prayer

Sometimes the weather sounds far worse than it really is, and last night the wind seemed to be pulling this building apart even though the temperature actually got a whole lot warmer. Almost 50 degree's by 7am instead of the usual 25 degrees is a considerable difference.
We seem to be at the western edge of a wind storm heading east, and the gusts are only being recorded as 25-50 mph, so perhaps California is slowly blowing through New Mexico.

I am praying that the barn and house roof won't blow away for the winds are far more ferocious near Nogal than they are here in Alto. If my hopes and dreams are on a wing and a prayer they may have found their way to the eastern seaboard by now.

My boss wanted me to bring in alfalfa for the deer, but I was unsure that I could handle 2 hunting dogs and the normal 200-400 mule deer we have on his property during the winter. And I'm not too sure if the number of deer who winter here will not cause more drama from the backhoe woman who thrives on manufactured drama and condemnation towards anyone in her path. Doing the normal isn't possible when someone is ready to pounce and create havoc.
Still, voicing objections for the sake of peace and quiet, I hauled in hay and deer blocks, cleaned the water trough and waited to see what would happen next.

I miss Oscar. He loved the winter months when the deer would come in to feed. In my minds eye I see him everywhere. His loss has been an awful loss to handle that has haunted me.

With Christmas so close I have to try and find a way to focus on getting through this holiday season.

If the wind will not serve, take to the oars. ~Latin Proverb