I want to remind the 49 percent of the Lincoln County taxpayers who voted against the GRT for R. D. Hubbard that the tax will start Jan. 1.

This is a tax that should have never come up for a vote. I never thought in my lifetime that I would see taxpayers forced to pay a tax to support a rich man's casino.

The Republican Party of Lincoln County cries about no more taxes and no more bailouts, but went against the grain and voted to give a rich casino owner a bailout paid for by the taxpayers of Lincoln County.

Both of our political parties lie through their teeth to working Americans.

I think a lot of the businesses in Ruidoso sold the people of Lincoln County down the river. I think it will come back to haunt a lot of them.

The talk through the horse-men's grapevine is that racetrack management said they were going to do some work in the Turf Club, but they were not going to do anything on the backside of the racetrack, because trainers do not pay anything for their stalls.

The next thing Hubbard will want is for the horsemen to pay $3 to $5 a day for each stall so he can rake in a few thousand dollars more a day.

Since the GRT bill passed, I have only walked through the door of one business that supported the tax charade.

I will continue boycotting business that has no regard for their customers and I hope you do the same.

Jack Hemby

Ruidoso Downs