Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another Day Another Dollar... Or Not...

I woke up at 3.30 am with a violent migraine, and freezing cold, the tumors in my spine hurting me so much I could barely get out of bed. This metal shed is so small I don't have the room to walk around or have any creature comforts so I grabbed some pain killers and curled up into a ball in bed trying to let the pain killers take effect.While I laid there it dawned on me that if this was happening to a convicted felon, like Robert Huckins, the ACLU would be raising hell calling it cruel and unusual punishment. Screaming about "inhumane" treatment. This is such a strange country, and an incredibly unjust country.

Two years ago I received a phone call from one of the members of the Huckins family who had seen my phone number in a newspaper article. It was a phone call that left an indelible mark, and one that was repeated to the District Attorney's office. The intention was to persuade me, and the DA's office, that all of the Huckins family had been victims of Robert & Sylvi Huckins, and one comment was made that put a bur under my saddle. That Robert Huckins had "stolen far more from family members than he had from clients."

It simply stunned me. The word "homeless" didn't have one ounce of meaning to that Huckins family member, or maybe they didn't truly understand the realistic ramifications. The severity of the damage wasn't even relevant because their financial losses was going to supersede any hurt and devastation others had to deal with. Even if it was total destruction. The fact that the phone call came right after Robert Huckins had been arrested for the THIRD time, and that not one family member had tried to stop him prior to this, wasn't something I missed. It's easier to claim to be a victim than be viewed as a potential accomplice. But I'll never know the truth, and without truth everything is up for speculation.

Months before I sat talking with Ted Conley and his words ring true today. He said, "People will say that it's sad but they don't care.. don't expect caring." I laughed at him because I couldn't imagine such being a reality, but I'm not laughing anymore. But if you are not one of the dozens of victims it's easy to laugh about a criminal who spent a decade thieving and was never stopped.
I have not heard from John, and can't get a response to my phone messages, so I have no idea if he is coming to Ruidoso today, or tomorrow. The weather was fabulous yesterday afternoon, reaching the 60's and so sunny, but we have a cold front coming in bringing high winds. This is simply nerve wrecking. High winds would potentially stop any work that we could get done in the very short time John is here, and the situation went way past desperation 2-3 years ago. I spoke to Jesse who is tied up working for the next 2 weeks. Someone having work at this time of year, in this economy, is such a blessing you can't help but be pleased for him.

As of the 19th of November the payment from Robert Huckins has not arrived. But that doesn't shock me any. It may come today, or next week.. it may not come at all. I found 8 windows for the trailer but the total cost was $420, more money than I could afford at this time. Slightly less than the monthly payment due. It almost makes you want to sit down and cry.

This is so wrong on every moral platform. Beyond abuse and human rights violations. I don't care who you are there is simply no way any civilized nation can justify this nonsense. I am too ill to NOT be frustrated today, yet I desperately seek the faith to not get emotional about everything.In life, unlike chess, the game continues after "check mate." - Isaac Asimov