Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Band Aid For A Severed Artery

A mechanic in Capitan, Andy's, offered to put my Ford350 on the computer to find out what is wrong with it. I am so thankful for that wonderful gesture because all wanted to charge me to tell me what the truck needed.

Mike and I drove it to Capitan today to get a diagnosis. I prayed that it was going to be something minor that I can handle. But it wasn't going to be so. I felt very comfortable with these two mechanics.. they were honest to a fault and it didn't take long to see why they came highly recommended by everyone I had spoken to in the local horse and ranch industry.

It will take a minimum of $800 to keep it running, and $1,800 to do the job correctly, which means replacing all the lifters. But with 144,000 miles on the motor there is no telling what will go wrong - NEXT.

Mike had asked what it would cost to have transmission work done on his Dodge, thinking I could register and insure it and it could be a truck for me to just "get by with".. but they thought that repair cost was going to be in the $2,500 range. Mike bite his lip. I wanted to bite both of my lips off.

I'm pretty disheartened about the whole mess, primarily because I have been putting every single dime I earn into the trailer house and I left myself in a precarious position of having to jump out of a plane without a parachute.

While stood talking to the mechanics I looked at Mike and said, "Oh God, I have no vehicle." He smiled and said, "Well, you have a vehicle but you need to start looking for a truck to replace it QUICK."

Quick.. with WHAT money? I'm still trying to figure out how to get the funds to buy two temporary poles so I can have the rare and exceptional luxury of having light, heat and water in my trailer home on my property.

We will take the Ford350 back Monday morning and see if we can throw a band-aid on it. As I drove back from Capitan I remembered the flowery speech the criminal defense attorney for Robert Huckins gave during the sentencing in the spring of 2010.

"But he drives an old vehicle" the attorney cried defending his client.

Well, I drive an old vehicle but I sure as heck don't have stolen money stashed away that could cushion the fall when you need a newer vehicle, and is destroying the lives of the people whose money it is.

November 23rd and there isn't a dime in sight from Robert Huckins. Maybe I should send HIM the mechanic bill, seeing as he's got our money.

It was incredibly cold this morning and due to get a whole lot colder by Thanksgiving, when snow is in the forecast. But by 10 am the weather was simply glorious, so sunny, clear skies and so inviting. The drive to and from Capitan with the windows down felt good.

The chest of drawers has been half way painted "Hunter Green" but I'm unsure that the weather will get warm enough today to finish it. I doubt that I'm going to have the ability to stay away from that project. There is nothing worse than a woman and a paintbrush when it comes to "impatience."

It's strange how you desperately keep trying to put your life back together again even if it's only painting.

Sinning wouldn't be so popular if it's wages were paid immediately.